Monday, June 7, 2010

Pinching a Loaf

Two weeks into doing shifts by myself and I am already training a new guy. Does anyone else see the flaw in the system here? Come to think of it though, 3 out of the 4 people who work the job are students so the chance of one of us having to help with training is inevitable. The guy was already employed by the company so he’s really familiar with the building and is well trained already on how to use the forklift so it’s basically safe to say that he’s already better at the job than I am in many ways.

However, there are two problems that I encountered today when training a person.

Problem #1 – my job isn’t hard and there is barely enough work to keep one person busy on a really busy day. Plus, my boss literally told me to just sit there and watch him and let him do all of the work and only intervene if he needs help. In other words, I got a good amount of reading done today.

Problem #2 – when you’re told to sit and do nothing and forget your book, you begin to zone out and think about the most random and stupid things. For example, this is what I thought about for way too long this morning while staring blankly at nothing in particular. “Alright. I call it banana loaf but he calls it banana bread. Which is it? A loaf or a bread? We say ‘loaf of bread’ but we never ever say ‘loaf of banana’ so that must mean it’s a bread. But is it technically bread? Can you make a sandwich out of it or dip it in your soup? And what is the definition of a loaf anyway and what does one entail to qualify to called a loaf? Loaf is a strange word when you think about it and say of over and over again. Loaf. Loaf. You can have a loaf of meat (meatloaf) but not a loaf of banana. Should meatloaf be called ‘meat bread’ instead?” I kid you not. I did actually have this entire conversation in my head at one point this morning. Sad isn’t it?

Tip of the Day: Jogging (even if only for a tiny length of time) in heavy steel toed boots is not a good idea.

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