Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Lookback to Father's Day

So I haven't had any internet for well over a week because for some reason, our stolen connection to the neighbours isn't working and it's extremely inconvenient. So now we decided to become legit and actually pay for an internet line. What is the world coming to in which we can't regularly steal high-speed internet from other people? I mean, c'mon! Have some decency. Something that I do when internet connections suck is I type out my blogs in Microsoft Word and save them until I get a proper connection that allows me to get onto my blog and post them. This one was written on June 21st:

I’m not sure why I have been agreeing to work extra shifts at work since my days off go by so insanely fast that it seems that I don’t ever have any time off. It’s quite depressing actually. As soon as I start to relax and enjoy not being at work, I have to go back to work. Then I go and accept to work an extra shift here and there and I end up just kicking myself in the end. It’s a vicious cycle. Yeah the money is nice but is it really worth it in the end? (as she contemplates her ever growing shoe-buying obsession…it all starts to become clear).

It seems like I’ve had a busy couple of days and yet I don’t seem to have accomplished anything. Weird how that happens. My first day off started kind off crappy. I got home around 6:30am as usual and as I was crawling into bed, suddenly some really bad techno music started blaring from a neighbours house. Who plays techno at 6:40 on a Saturday morning?? We figured that maybe it was music that someone was working out to but as the minutes trickled by it seemed that it would never let up. I was at that point where you’re so tired that you might start crying at any second (I cry when I’m tired and frustrated) because I’d just got off work and all I wanted to do was sleep, but I could still hear the music through earplugs because it was mostly all bass coming through. Ugh. I eventually crawled out of bed and headed to the bed in the spare upstairs bedroom in hopes that it wouldn’t be as loud up there. The music was definitely more muffled so I was eventually able to fall asleep. Chris went to my dad’s house with Jer a little after 10:30 to get some work done on the basement floor (they’re installing ceramic tile) and I figured I might as well get up too. 3 hours of sleep is enough to keep a body going right?? The rest of the day is a bit of a blur. I did go to the parent’s house around 3ish to see how things were coming along over there and I ended up weeding my mom’s garden/flower beds for about 2 hours. And there was the lovely chicken poo manuring session that took place. Man that stuff stinks.

Yesterday was Father’s Day so that meant a big family dinner at mom and dad’s house. Unfortunately dad spent a good part of the day with Chris and Jer working on the floor (although he did spend a lot of time upstairs watching the PGA tour). I can’t imagine how relieved they’ll all be once the floor is done. It seems like it’s taking incredibly long to finish…although I doubt that can be attributed to the amount of beer drinking, smoking and World Cup watching that has been going on around there. As for the dinner, I was in charge of dessert so I made some black forest cupcakes. I was originally going to make the traditional cake but last minute decided to make chocolate cupcakes and fill them with cherries and whipped cream. They were quite adorable and everyone seemed to enjoy them. Dinner was a kind of potluck which always means that the food is amazingly delicious because all of the people who were there are great cooks. Life is good.

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