Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love 'em, Hate 'em

So the other day when browsing through a little shop in Nelson, I came across this wonderful little book called "The Encyclopedia of Guilty Pleasures: 1001 Things You Hate to Love" and took a quick peak inside. I found myself laughing at the list of things that most of us do truly hate to love. Some of the ones that they had listed were:
-Antiques Roadshow
-Archie Comics
-Movie Sequels
-Baywatch (Pamela Anderson is also one I believe)
-Before and After Photos
-Family Matters (the TV show, accompanied with a picture of Urkel)
-As Seen on TV Products
-Marshmallow Fluff (I've never tried it before)
-Blood Pressure Machines (in pharmacies)
...Plus another 992...

This got me into thinking of the things that I personally hate to love and these are some of my stupid little guilty pleasures that always get the best of me:
-Collecting Recipes. I have a book dedicated only to writing out or cutting out recipes that I find out there in the world. Most of them I have never prepared and possibly will never create, but just knowing that they are waiting there for me to make them just makes me content with life.
-Romance Novels. I went through a major romance novel stage and every so often am tempted to pick one up and enjoy the utterly ridiculousness of it (did you know that young virgin women always have multiple orgasms their very first time having sex?)
-Lady Gaga. This is a hard one for me to admit but I can't help but start to bust a move whenever a song of hers comes on. They're just so damn catchy it's sickening.
-Mean Girls. The horrible Lindsay Lohan movie, not the evil girls in high school that tormented everyone else. I know that my heterolifepartner agrees with this guilty pleasure since she's secretly in love with this movie as well, so that makes me feel a teensy bit better about it.
-Cedar Bugs. For anyone who doesn't know, cedar bugs are these ugly bugs that slowly walk around the house/yard and will let off an obscenely strong odour if they are touched/squashed. I find these bugs to be absolutely hilarious and enjoy watching them fly aimless in whatever direction they happen to be facing. They're rather cool to look at and as long as you don't step on it or get in it's way, they can be lovely little housemates. (My sister thinks I'm nuts for enjoying these things).
-Project Runway. I know nothing about fashion and my tastes in clothes are mostly pathetic, but I am always drawn to any Project Runway marathon that happens to come my way. They people are always so dramatic and flamboyant and I just think it's a fabulous show.
-Tattoos. I love them. I hate that I love them because they are addictive, expensive and stuck with you for life (unless you get the painful laser procedure to get it removed). I am drawn to people who have lots of them which is stupid because it's such a stupid thing to be drawn to. Wow, you have ink on your body...be my friend! There is no logic with this at all.

-Buffets. So much food to taste yet not near enough stomach capacity. They're so wonderful and yet so frustrating. I always feel so guilty after eating at a buffet because I always eat waaaaay too much and somehow manage to consume about 90% of my calories in dessert since there are always so many to choose from, therefore I need to taste a little of each.
-NKOTB. Why? There are at least 5 good reasons. Step 1: We can have lots of fun. Step 2: There's so much we can do. Step 3: It's just you and me. Step 4: I can give you more. Step 5: Don't you know that they time has arrived?

I know there are are easily 1000 more but that's all I have right now. Guilty Pleasures are very common with me and I know that they're common with all of you as well. So fess up to your silly little things that you love to hate. They're what make you, you!

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