Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh There You Are!

You know that fantastic movie "Hook" with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman? It was made back in 1991 and it's based on the story of Peter Pan. Peter Pan, played by Williams, leaves Never Neverland and forgets who he is as he grows older. Many decades later, Hook steals his kids and Peter is forced to go back to Never Neverland to save his kids. It takes a few days for him to realize who he truly is, and then the moment arrives when this adorable little Lost Boy says, "Oh there you are Peter!" in realization that this is indeed Peter Pan.


With this quote in mind, I found my lower abdominal muscles today. For far too long I forgot that those poor underused muscles existed on my body and today I welcomed them back into my life. And by 'welcomed' I mean I noticed their existence when I was in agony trying not smack the guy who kept making me lift my arms and legs higher in the air while I focused on not keeling over in pain. Let me explain. Kaylynne and I went down to Dynamic Fitness today to tag-team this Core Dynamic class offered down there. Neither of us had ever attended their classes and we went down to use one of her 2for1 coupons for a class. We ended up both purchasing unlimited class use for 15 days for $15 (considering a single class is $15, we're both suckers for a good deal and couldn't turn down the opportunity). So within the first 10 minutes of the 45 minute long class, I didn't think I was going to make it through. There was more than one time when we just looked at each other and laughed because it got pretty intense during certain moves.

Needless to explain, during one particularly difficult move, my lower abs were on fire and it surprised me to feel them. I said to myself, "oh there you are lower abs" in the same tone of voice the boy used in the movie. Then I realized how strange that was. But I was happy knowing that they do exist and that I now know how to do it! The one problem is that the move was so evil that I would probably never do it while on my own. I'd need someone pressing me on and encouraging me while in class to go through with it. This is how they suck you into these classes! You get results but are too lazy to do the work without going to the class so you sign up for more classes and part with more money. It's a vicious cycle.

Tip of the Day: If you haven't seen Hook before, go out and rent it now. It's a great great feel good kind of movie.

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