Friday, November 12, 2010

Rotten Responsibility

Remember how great it was to be a kid? If you were sick, and able to convince your parents that you were indeed sick and not just pretending, then you got to stay home from school and have mom take care of you. You'd get to stay in your jammies all day without even giving it a second thought. Also, your day was spent getting some extra sleep, watching cartoons (or reading Archie comics in bed) and getting to drink flat gingerale (which always made you feel better no matter what). Yep. Those were the days.

Then you grow up.

Being an adult sucks when you're sick. When you're a kid you get to stay at home and have someone take care of you and the world goes on merrily without you for a day or so. When you grow up you have these pesky little things called "responsibilities" which perpetually consume your conscience when all you want to do is stay in bed and forget what's beyond your bedroom window. Wednesday I woke up not feeling super hot but I blamed it on my bad eating habits the day before. I had to go to campus because I had a quiz in my second class and my third class is Clinical which is basically my most important class. By the time second class was over, my head was spinning, my guts were unhappy and I was just not in a good place. Alas, I had to leave before Clinical began which was hugely disappointing because we were doing an HIV case study, which I think to be an interesting subject. But the idea of either passing out or throwing up in class was not appealing (and I'm sure my classmates would appreciate this as well) so I headed home and crawled into bed for a few hours.

Thursday wasn't much better than Wednesday but had to work. Everyone at work has been calling in sick lately (hmmmm...possibility as to where I picked this up?) and I really didn't to join the "call in sick clan". Also I have this annoying responsibility of paying bills and rent, so of course I went to work. And what do you know!?!? Someone else called in sick which made it so that I ended up having to work a few extra hours. Blech. Plus we got slammed with a lunch rush after the Remembrance Day gathering, which was literally right outside our doors. Hundred and hundreds of people gathered outside in the street, all in silence, while canons go off in remembrance of those who died. It was a bit eerie to watch so many people standing completely still and not making a sound. Either way, by the time I got off work I was feeling horrible and just went home and crawled in bed again. I had to pass up dinner at Chris's parents house which made me feel awful because that's always such a pleasant time, but I thought it would be better to stay home then possibly infect them with whatever I may have.

So today is Friday and I am feeling a bit better. Responsibility got me out of bed nice and early this morning so that I could get to campus and get some work done. And yet, here I am working on my blog instead of doing work....

Next week, tune in for my report about procrastination.

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