Thursday, February 24, 2011

All In Good Taste

So the past three days that apartment has been scorching hot (literally, I dare you to touch one of the radiators!) This means that the apartment is a less than ideal place to get any homework done. Sure, it's the perfect location for gathering together some people for hot yoga, but other than that it's not the greatest place to hang around in. So I've been packing up my school-work and heading down to the local coffee shops to get my work done. Today there was a man here who I have to tell about.

So there is a gentleman who I see all of the time walking around downtown Charlottetown, all bundled up in warm clothes and asking people for change for a coffee. We all know these people. We see them all of the time and they ask you for change at every chance they see you and every so often you'll reach into your pocket and hand them a quarter or what money you may have left over from your own Skinny Double Mocha Frappuccino, or whatever your latest indulgence may be. After we give them the money we always wonder where that money really goes - to the liquor store or the coffee chop?... Anyway, I see this man every single time I walk through downtown via University Avenue and give him a few coins here and there, and yes, I wonder what he's really saving his coins for. Today I got my answer when I walked into Starbucks and found him sitting here enjoying a warm cup of Pike Place Roast.

All I have to say is that I am impressed that the guy saves up to buy the good stuff. For a fraction of the price he could walk a half a block and go get a Tim Horton's coffee or two buildings over and go to Robin's, but no. He saves for Starbucks. Impressive.


  1. What IS the deal with the heat? Did we piss our neighbors off? Or do they think they're being better neighbors by keeping us toasty warm? I've been walking around our apartment wearing next to nothing, with all of the windows wide open. I'll admit that the fresh air is nice, but trying to sleep in the heat is a real bitch and going outside is quite a shock to the system.

    BTW, I hope that my morning green smoothie making every other day isn't driving you guys crazy... the blender probably rumbles your ceiling. You might be up by then but I'm not sure about Chris...

  2. p.s. if you ever want to raid my cookbook collection, you're welcome to come check it out. I have some books that might interest you.

  3. Yeah, about the heat thing. I went down and knocked and no one answered so I left a note asking them to turn it down. Then Chris went down later on that day to ask and the woman answered waving the note in the air, trying to tell him that she had no idea what it meant since she doesn't seem to be able to speak any English :( I guess their apartment was just beyond sauna. So he went in and turned it down to as low as possible, but it's still so hot so I called Bevans last night and left a message for them to get this morning. Hopefully they look into it, because I agree, this is ridiculous. And sleeping is near impossible for me as well even with the windows and doors open. Please feel free to call and complain as well because it's not the downstairs people's fault (or Chris doesn't know how to turn down the heat).

    Thanks for the cookbook offer. I will take you up on it for sure sometime soon!