Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Year in Review of Mental Health

It's been a year since my last mental breakdown. I laughed out loud when I wrote that opening line just now because it seemed like such a serious announcement to make. Last year when my life was stressing me out beyond what I knew to be even possible, it was not a funny situation to be in that's for sure! I remember it so well too. It was supposed to be a romantic weekend between me and Chris but it ended up being him getting tied up with important business and me crying at every given moment due the intense stress I was dealing with at the time. Third year was the year from hell in terms of school. The courses were tedious and unrelenting. I was busting my butt and barely sleeping due to the tremendous work-load. Work was driving me insane because the boss was giving me full-time hours when I explained time after time that I could only handle about 15 hours a week (I was getting 32-38 a week instead). Plus I was stressing out over trying to find the time and money to fly to BC for a couple days for a job interview. Yep. Life sucked. But, one good mental breakdown later and me quitting my job the next day helped out a little.

It's funny how we are able to pinpoint certain days in our lives such as me being able to remember exactly what happened on this day one year ago. I guess the reason it sticks in my head so well is that I quit my job the day before Valentine's Day, which was nearly the biggest day of the year at my old job and it felt good leaving them in the dust on such a huge selling day for them. Yes, I have issues with my ex-boss and I am more than happy to share them with you.

So today I am in a much better mental state than I was back then. I am in my final year, which is a very very strange situation to be in, and my work load for school has decreased substantially for this last semester. My new job is much easier to deal with since I have great bosses who give me the shifts I ask for and since it's still technically the slow season, business isn't busy enough to give me tons of hours. I am very glad about that. This year however I have a man who lives downstairs who is constantly sounding like he is hacking up a lung. Not that this has too much to do with my mental state but he is hacking right now which is why I bring it up. Lovely eh? I just wanted to share my experiences with everyone else. What can I say, I like to share these kinds of thought provoking moments in my life.

OH! Good news! My parents have officially booked their flights and hotel for their trip over in May! YAY! They are coming on May 5th and staying until I think the 14th or so and I am super excited to be able to show them this side of the country! Notice all of the exclamation marks in this paragraph!?!? I know! All it took was for me to graduate to finally get them over here.

Tip of the Day: Loud music does not fully drown out lung hacking.

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  1. OMG in capital letters!!! I seriously can not believe they are actually going to do it??!! That is very awesome! lets keep our fingers crossed that the two of them stay healthy!