Monday, February 14, 2011

It's What's For Dinner

So Jess is giving me shit for buying Chris something today (February 14th) when I said that I wouldn't. In my defense, what I bought him is very very not Valentinesy at all and if it were any other day of the year then I would just be noted at being a nice girlfriend. Since he never reads this blog then I can tell all of you what I bought and he'll be none the wiser. I shall allow my readers to tell me if this counts as a Valentine's gift.

Just for the supreme court record, I do not consider this a Valentine's Day gift.

After school today I went to the Superstore and bought him some steaks.

See! It's not a Valentine's Day gift at all! I win!

The poor boy only gets to eat beef whenever he either stops in at McDonalds at 1am with his friends or goes around the corner to the Kozy Korner Cafe for a burger and fries when I'm at work. He barely ever eats beef in my presence out of respect (famed Cowatarian over here) even though it does not bother me at all to see other people eat cow. But it's nice that he respects my choices and doesn't feel the need to eat it when I'm around. I've created a closet burger eater and it's not something I'm hugely proud of. So tonight I shall make him a delicious steak (smothered with fried onions and peppers of course) because he deserves it. It was kind of weird going all the way to the grocery store just to buy steaks. Come to think if it, I've never done it before actually. I've never bought steaks before. Seriously? (I'm racking my brain right now trying to think back throughout my entire grocery store shopping life). Nope, nothing is coming up. Well, I hope he likes his dinner because I feel like a traitor to the bovine community for my purchase today.

PS. Can someone please make or find this dress for me? Not only would I receive an astronomical amount of attention for wearing it but the dirty jokes that I can come up with right now are overwhelming me and I need to be able to share them with someone.

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  1. It totally was a present. It was against your standards and a totally genuine sweet nice gesture. Present credentials to the max yo.