Friday, February 11, 2011

Daydreaming the School Work Away

Crunch time is beginning to set in here on campus. The majority of mid-terms and assignments are due next week which means that stress levels are up and enthusiasm is down. I'm lucky that I only have one mid-term and one assignment due next week so my stress load is lower than most of the students in my department. I guess I also have a giant portfolio due for one class which I haven't been thinking enough about. Forgot about that one! For the next week I'm going to just keep my head down, lay low and get as much work done as possible.

Monday is Valentine's Day which means that the radio and stores are bombarding everyone with advertisements about what perfect gift to give that special someone. I made Chris promise that he will not get me anything because I really don't need anything and I don't want him to spend his money on something like a giant stuffed gorilla holding a fluffy red heart. Obviously he would never buy me something like that, but you all get the point. I like to think that we don't need a special day to show each other how we feel because we're pretty good at that anyway, and it's the little things we do on a regular basis that prove this to each other.

But Valentine's Day is about romance and I wanted to list some of my favourite romantic movies but I'm having a heard time thinking of some. Probably my own personal favourite is The Notebook (oh Ryan Gosling how you get me every time), but other than that I'm drawing a blank! This is not good. Here is my goal as of right now. I am going to research some of the most famous romantic movies of all time and watch some of them. I know that I am going to come up with lots of older movies like Gone with the Wind, Casablanca and The Way We Were (embarrassingly enough I have seen none), so I think an old fashioned movie-a-thon is in order. I am likely going to have to wait until the reading break to do this because I won't have much time in the next week, but it will get done!

The only downside to this movie watching idea is that for some time afterward I am probably going to be living in a romance bubble. Every time a chair isn't pulled out for me or someone doesn't start dancing out of pure glee from their over-consuming love might become complete confusion and disappointment for me. This could cause havoc.

Wouldn't life be more fun if we all lived in a pre-planned choreographed world?

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  1. if you want to see a silly, sappy tear jerker of a romance movie watch Love Story with Ali MaGraw and Ryan ONeal...circa 1971 ish I is where the phrase "love means never having to say your sorry" came from.