Friday, February 25, 2011

Once, Twice, Three Adrienne (who gets the reference?)

Wednesday was a strange day for me, but in a good way, since it involved me experiencing two "firsts" and revisiting an old love.

First, the old love. At 11am I found myself in Infinite Expressions waiting for my turn to get back into the chair I lovingly refer to as the Tattoo Chair. Yes, the addiction lives strong and well in this one. I met with Jeff Wilson nearly 2 weeks ago to discuss getting a large peacock done on my back/side and yesterday was the day we set up for the first round of permanent scarring. And it's beautiful. I might be a little biased but I truly think it's gorgeous. He did the outline and shading this time and in two weeks I go back for the colouring. I'm so excited to see this thing complete because it's so pretty as it is, I can't imagine it being full of vibrant purples, blues and greens. Yay! I haven't told my mom yet though. I'm guessing that a few of you reading this are reaching for the phone right now to call her up and taddle on me. I'll call her this afternoon, I promise. It's not like she's surprised by this kind of thing from me anyway. For about a year straight, nearly every time we talked on the phone she would ask me if I got any new tattoos, and I'd say no. Then she just stopped asking because I guess I wasn't giving her a reason to ask so frequently. I guess it'll have to begin all over again. But it's so pretty! I showed Chris's parents because I was at their house when I had to take the bandaging off. I don't know what they really thought about it, but I think they're second guessing their affection for me :) Who's this weirdo dating our son anyway??

Now onto the two new experiences. So. Ugh. I can't believe I'm going to say this. It feels so dirty and wrong to say these words outloud. There's a slight gag at the back of my throat at the moment. So, I got a cell phone. There, I said it. Am I excited? Nope. It's still sitting on the kitchen table, still in the box, back at the apartment. Moving on.

Second new experience. I had my first cup of Tim Horton's coffee on Wednesday. I know it's a strange thing to write about but I was driving along and I'd just gotten the cell phone so I had this huge sense of disgust and shame running through me, and when I feel like that I usually eat something that's terrible for me because my self loathing is so low as it is I figure I'd might as well eat a few thousand calories to fill the void where my self-love used to be. So I stopped at Timmys for something delicious and ended up getting a coffee with my purchase because I felt cold and wanted to warm up. After I walked out and took my first sip I realized that I had actually never had one before and it was actually quite amazing that I had lived this long without ever buying coffee from Canada's most famous coffee shop. Plus I got to Roll-up-the-rim (but not win). Now that I have successfully consumed my first Tim Horton's coffee, does this make me an official true-blooded Canadian. Finally! I fit in!

Maybe I'll get the Canadian anthem as my ring tone for my new phone.

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