Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So I'm having a bad day. It started off great but has now dwindled down to exhaustion and upset. All I want to do is go crawl into bed and sleep it all away but I can't because Chris is playing at Hunter's in 2 hours and I promised I'd be there. The group of people who were going to come along have all bailed on me which sucks but there's nothing I can do about it this far into the game so I'm going to go solo. Yipee. Plus my computer crashed on me, which is so incredibly inconvenient it's not even funny. We're getting to the point in the semester in which the work is piling up and the assignments are due and it's all on my laptop. I really want to cry right now. So I have to somehow find the time tomorrow to bring it somewhere where it can hopefully get fixed. Where am I going to find this time you ask? I have no idea! Now I sit here using Chris's computer wishing I had my own. Oh, and one of my best friends is angry at me and I'm just sick about it and feel helpless and stupid and assholish. Yes that is a word. Do not try to fight me on it at the moment.

I really didn't want to use this blog to rant tonight but I saw a news story that just sent me over the top so I started ranting about the above problems and I couldn't not talk about the story considering the post I put up yesterday. A man in BC got sentenced 6 months in jail for beating a puppy to death. A 3 month old puppy! He beat it to death and blames it on alcohol and steroids. Yep. Drunken roid-rage is his excuse. What is wrong with people?

But don't worry everyone. It's OK because he's getting 6 months in jail, drug/alcohol treatment and can't own any animals for 10 years. What a relief. The SPCA people were apparently thrilled at the sentence so I guess this is a rather large sentence for this kind of act. I'm incredibly curious to see what that guy at Whistler gets for killing all of those dogs. Only time shall tell I suppose.

I'm sorry for the ranting. I really am. Blogging such an easy way to get it out.


  1. I'm with you. 6 months doesn't sound like a harsh enough sentence for that kind of cruelty. I hate how animals are devalued in our society. I'm a meat-eater so maybe I'm being hypocritical since I'm probably (who am I kidding) supporting animal cruelty in an indirect way... but the thought of any animal being cruelly hurt or disrespected breaks my heart. I have great admiration for cultures that are able to strike a balance between hunting for food and honoring/respecting animals for the magnificent creatures they are. We've lost touch with the reality that we're all connected and interdependent and valuable, plants, people, animals. I could go on and on...

    Sorry to hear about your computer... I hope you get it up and running soon. I recommend investing in an external hard-drive ($70) to make a back-up of your computer...or you could get a smaller/less costly one just to back-up your school work. And if it makes you feel any better, I had a completely off day yesterday too... maybe there was something in the water. Try not to worry too much about your friend. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone needs to be forgiven and good friends care enough to realize this.

    Oh, and we have new neighbors. Ryan & I ran into them moving in so we mentioned the heat issue right away and it seems (although their english is very poor) that they understand how it works.

  2. I have a book that you should read. It's amazing and made me cry nearly every night I sat down with it. It's about the animal farming industry and just how messed up it is. If you want to take a look then let me know.

    I am very aware of the new neighbours. The guy was hacking up something at 7:30 this morning. Awesome way to wake up don't you think :) But at least the understand the heat situation.

    Thanks for the feedback. It's always appreciated.

  3. I'll finish the other book you lent me first (sorry... I got side-tracked with books given to me for xmas) but I'd love to borrow the book you're talking about.

    The hacking was probably them preparing for a feast... it was the first day of the chinese new year yesterday, hence the rabbits on their door.