Saturday, December 17, 2011

Aspenglow Warms the Heart

It's been a week since my Christmas funk blog post and I will admit that I am a bit better than I was last Saturday. I think the Christmas lights in the windows have brightened my evenings quite a bit and I even managed to wrap all of my presents the other night so that I wouldn't be scrambling to get it done only days before the 25th. While wrapping I listened to John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas (a Kotyk classic), plus lots of Burt Ives and Bing Crosby - all of which made me both homesick and comforted at the same time. Either way, my spirit has risen a bit and will hopefully improve more as the holiday draws closer.

So I survived the detox and began eating normal foods again on Monday. I'll admit that on Sunday I was sneaking a few bites of sweets at work and even had a glass of Crown Royal that evening while sitting in a restaurant. But overall I was quite true to the cause and am proud of myself for the restraint that I had for those 2 weeks. I had a few people ask me questions such as "would you do it again?" and "would you recommend this kind of thing to a client or friend?" Being a Nutrition major and knowing the importance of a quality diet, I was and still am, a bit torn by my answer.

Would I do it again? Yeah, I don't see why not. Even though my diet was restricted to a lot of kinds of food and I lost more weight than I ever expected to, I ate quite well during the 2 weeks and was able to have enough variety in my meals that I wasn't going crazy. If I were to do it again I would definitely plan a bit better, especially if it were to be longer than just 2 weeks. I definitely would have bought a good protein powder or something of the sort, to ensure that I was getting enough protein in my diet since I was omitting meats and soy products. Would I recommend this detox to a client or friend? Depends on the person for sure and if they had any ailments, but I mean, it was only 2 weeks. As long as the person did lots of homework on how to eat properly, planned their meals/snacks and made sure that their diet was complete and gave them enough nourishment, I'd say go for it. You might learn a lot about yourself in the process and even figure out what's been causing all that gastric discomfort. I'll admit that my guts were much happier during those 2 weeks that they have been in a long time and I never would have imagined that I could have survived all that time without chocolate. On the flip side of that, I felt a lot of fatigue and my muscles were much more sore than normal, especially after a workout. I would strongly advise against running any marathons while doing this kind of thing.

I would like to end this post with a bit of an "I told you so!" I have had a theory for many years now that the computer game World of Warcraft is a fantastic game to play if you want to no longer have a girlfriend and/or boyfriend.  I know of many relationships that have ended because of this game or have nearly ended and the player gave up playing in sake of their significant other. No joke! I think it's brainwashing and addictive and I cringe when I think of it. Then I saw this commercial the other day and laughed at it's perfectness. I told you so!

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