Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow Therapy

Today is the first day that I have felt that specific warmth in my heart that happens during the Christmas season. I have had a lot of trouble finding it because every Christmas that I have ever experienced has had moments or memories that I relate to Christmas and all of these moments always occur back home in BC. Not being in BC means that I am not able to see, feel, hear, smell or experience any of these moments that ignite Christmas in my heart.

Today, it was the snow. I woke up to a light blanket of snow and seeing the white covering everything made me smile and instantly feel a sense of relief. For me, snow = Christmas and the world here has been so green which makes it that much harder to get into the spirit. The feeling of connection between snow and Christmas was, as I said, a relief because something inside of me clicked and I felt a major spark ignite within me which reminded me of what the holidays are about. Beauty and peace.

There is nothing more beautiful or peaceful than the snow. It falls so gently and perfectly and makes everything around us sparkle and glow with beauty. It's calming and seems to make the world quieter. One of my all-time favourite things to do is take the dogs out for a walk late at night when the streets are empty and the snow is softly crunching under my feet. No cars or fellow walkers to share the world with - just me and the dogs enjoying the way the snow lights up the dark night.

Me, Riz and Splash enjoying a difficult hike up Thunder Road

Jess and I took advantage of the perfect winter day and went for a nice long walk in the woods. Even though we had no dog to appreciate our surroundings with, it was exactly what I needed on a day like today. I have been working a lot lately and haven't taken any time for myself to enjoy where I am and absorb the natural beauty around me. The snow brought out that sense of need of getting out there and looking at the perfection of the trees all blanketed with snow and encompassing myself with the splendor that winter brings. How people can hate this season is beyond me. I say to Winter: "Bring it on!"

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