Monday, December 26, 2011

It's All In The Quiche

Another Christmas has come and gone. The build-up is over, the garbage bins are packed full of tossed wrapping paper, Santa gets to head south for a well deserved holiday and we're all exhausted. I had a quiet, yet lovely Christmas here and am happy to announce that it's snowing again! I didn't think that the snow would keep up the way it has and I am so very glad that it did. Plus someone made an amazing little snow Santa in the backyard here but it's been covered in fresh snow so taking a picture to show the world wouldn't truly express the greatness of this miniature Santa snowman.

Like I said, Christmas was pretty low key but enjoyable. Chris and I went over to his parents to open presents with the entire family and we later had a delicious supper there as well. Later on I got to Skype with my entire family which was exactly what I needed to end the day. They were all gathered at Pam's house for supper so we scheduled a Skype date while they were all together there. It definitely made me homesick - especially seeing my adorable niece dressed in the outfit I sent to her for Christmas, plus the dogs jingle jangling in their jingle bell collars and my other sister threatening me to never miss another Christmas again. But it made me super happy to see them all and be able to chat with them all at once.

But something was missing.

While I was sitting there at Chris's parents house yesterday afternoon, I was thinking that something wan't right about Christmas this year. Yes, I wasn't at home and was missing my family tremendously...but there was something else that I yearned for that I was being deprived of which was making the whole Christmas experience incomplete. Then Chris mentioned the words "finger food" and it came to me.

Quiche! I was missing my Christmas quiche! In our family traditions, Christmas Eve is the main event when all of both sides of the family gather to my parent's house to eat, drink and be merry. There is always a ridiculous amount of food in which there is also always a ridiculous amount of leftovers. My favourite leftovers is always my mom's homemade mini quiches. Oh man...waking up on Christmas morning and popping a bunch of those in the oven to snack on is just the best. Yesterday, I was missing my quiche. Today, I made some in hopes that eating them would make my Christmas complete. Flaky handmade crust filled with bacon, onion, cheese, eggs, cream and spices, baked til hot and golden brown. What is not to love?

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