Friday, December 2, 2011

New Month/Job/Apartment

After 4 days of complete chaos, I finally have the time to sit for a minute and type out a quick post. We have moved into the new apartment and nearly all of the boxes have been unpacked and its contents placed lovingly in their new place. Apart from the living room which is still in minor disarray, the place looks habitable. We would have the last room complete if it not were the minor setback of the entire contents of the spare closet coming crashing down when the shelving unit detached from the wall (pulling down some drywall along with it). So now we're just waiting to get that put back together so that all of the extra (junk??) can be shoved and hung back up inside. So close to completion. So close.

After only one day off from leaving the restaurant on Sunday, I was offered a job at Outrider's Cookhouse which I was trilled to accept. I have previously worked with a couple people who work there and I was happy to be able to work with them again. By Tuesday morning I was starting my first shift and being thrown into the thick of it. They must like me because after 3 shifts I'm still employed and going back for more. Unfortunately I began my job there on a week in which I was moving and already have 4 shifts at the Culinary, so I'm working til 2:30 at Outriders then rushing home to get to work at 3 at the second job. Then get home at 10:30, go to bed, up at 6am for hot yoga then back to work at Outriders to start it all over again. Now that we're unpacked I am starting to feel more sane and the stress load has come down a bit.

Oh yeah, plus there's the factor that I've been doing this detox/cleanse for the past 5 days as well. Only 11 more days to go! The first 2 days were complete hell because I was moving and doing lots of lifting and driving and walking with little time to sit and have a proper meal. Not having the caffeine to help me along the way was torture enough but add not having any sugar as well and my brain wanted to explode. It took 2 1/2 days for the headaches to subside but now that they are gone I am starting to feel more normal. I'm not feeling any better or any worse so I'm not sure what the really means as this point. I am enjoying the hot yoga even though class is so early in the morning! Today I actually have the morning off from work and even though I wanted with all of my being to be able to sleep in, I still had to get up to head to Dynamic Fitness to sweat my arse off.

I am contemplating a nap right about now. I really don't enjoy napping but it might just be the ticket to get me through the day. Dare I do it? I just might try.

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