Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Week

I'm getting too behind with this blog lately and I apologize to all of my fans...I know all 6 or 7 of you have been on pins and needles waiting to learn about the incredibly adventures of me. The good news - I have a few minutes to write a new post. The bad news - I have no life which means that this won't be interesting.

The one thing that I hate about being a student is that you're so busy all of the time and yet you don't really do anything. Most conversations go something like this:

"Oh man, I was so busy the past few days! I'm so stressed out!"
"Really, what did you do?"
"Oh you know...nothing really. School, work and stuff."

My past few days have consisted mostly of homework and going to work. There's been a little bit of sleep in there but mostly just homework and work. Plus Chris and I have been looking for a place to live (somehow I have managed to not bring up the subject that I'm moving out and looking for a new apartment...weird), so we've been spending a fair amount of energy on that adventure. Oh how lovely apartment hunting is! We have a couple leads on some places but nothing is for sure quite yet. Considering my room will be filled in about 2 weeks, the pressure is starting to build. I'm trying to remain optimistic though. Something should come up that works for us. And if not, I heard there's a cozy place under the bridge that I could seek out for a while. Maybe it has Wi-Fi.

Work is going fairly great! I don't know why it took me so long to ever look for a serving job because I'm really enjoying it a lot. I also really like the atmosphere of this restaurant as well, so perhaps I just feel comfortable at this job. Oh, and here's a little pocket of information that I found to be fairly awesome. Yesterday my boss Googled the restaurant name (oh admit it, we've all Googled our own names before) and this blog came up in the first page of results! Actually, the more I think about it, the more creepy that might be. People looking for info on Rufus and Rory's will end up at this blog, see my face and maybe somewhere down the line become my obsessive stalker in both the real world and the online world.

Wow I'm conceited.

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