Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gourd-geous Day!

It's been a busy but enjoyable couple of days. Let me break it down for you:

Wednesday - went to my orientation for my new job! All of us met at the restaurant in the evening to meet each other, learn how to use the computer system and take a look over the planned menu. The food is very roadside diner which means that I may have to bite my nutrition student tongue LOTS while serving people. It will be delicious though! I look forward to actually seeing plates of food and seeing how it's all going to be. We're doing a test-run at the restaurant on Sunday for the owner's friends and family. It'll be open for a few hours and we'll just be working out kinks in the system and stuff like that. My first official shift is on Tuesday!

Thursday - This was a bit of a slack day. Went to the gym, did a little homework, went to the FANS potluck at school, went for a walk with Jess which headed in the direction of Hunter's...drank some beer and played trivia. Great day! Lots of amazing food, some beer and trivia. Can't go wrong.

Friday - Last night was Chris's first ever show! He played at the Wave which is the bar on campus. They opened for two other bands; one of them being The Sidewalks which are a fairly famous local band. Well the bar was very quiet (everyone went home for Thanksgiving weekend) but that didn't matter because I brought a posse and we went to cheer them on. Of course they did great and I'm very proud of them! Good job boys!

Saturday (today) - After a late night last night I was hesitant to get out of bed this morning for the festivities planned for the day, but I told the gals that I'd join along...which I am glad I did because it was a fun day! We first went to the farmer's market so that I could get some bread and coffee, then me, Sam, Kaylynne and Jess all went to Wintermoor Orchard to do some apple picking.

Kaylynne wanted to get some to make a pie for her Thanksgiving dinner with her grandparents, and I just wanted to buy some delicious apples! We honestly had a really great time. Apple picking is awesome. Apple eating is better though. Plus they had free warm apple cider to enjoy. Mmmmmmm.

After the picking was complete, we headed over the Veseys Seeds where they were hosting the 17th Annual Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off which is exactly what it sounds to be. Growers from all over PEI brought their sizable squashes to contest for the heaviest of them all. And the winner was 1075 pounds! There was also a BBQ going on, pumpkin carving, pumpkin games for the kids and of course, a hayride around the property.

If there's one thing that PEI does well, it's autumn. That may sound strange but it's true. People dec their houses out with fantastic displays of squashes, hay, name it. It's just so country-side out the country...side. After the weigh-ins were complete and the winner was announced, we went to our friend Mia's place for some tea and snacks for a while then headed back to town because we felt like we should do something productive (like do homework).

But what did I do instead? Went grocery shopping and now I'm going to make some cookies! Hello weekend!

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