Sunday, October 3, 2010

Overthinking, Overanalyzing....

Friday was a bit of a whirlwind for me. I had a job interview at Sobey's for a baker position. Basically, I got there and the guy instantly offered me the job. No interview, no reference check...just pure desperation on their part I think. I think that when someone comes in with a resume that has baking experience on it, then they just jump at the chance to get that person because it will save so much time and energy during the training process. I was surprised at the immediate job offer and told him that I would have to think about it for a day or so (I was still waiting to hear back from that other job interview a couple days previously). I'll admit that I got excited at the thought of baking again. Like, really excited. Working a the bakery was by far my favourite job. The walk home was my mind just going a million miles a minute, trying to make a decision of what I wanted to do. About an hour later I got a call from Rufus and Rory's, the restaurant I had the previous interview at, and they also offered me a job. Now I had to make the decision. Which to pick??? There are so many pros and cons to each job and one is far riskier than the other because the restaurant is brand new and could go under in a few months, whereas Sobey's is a huge grocery-chain and the job will be there for as long as I need it to be. This is why I need other people to make decisions for me. I tend to overthink EVERYTHING!

I think that I have come to the decision to take the chance on Rufus and Rory's. It may be a mistake but I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. I am looking forward to being a server because I've never experienced working the front of a restaurant before and I am excited to give it a try. Plus I'd feel bad saying 'no' to the guys because they're giving me a chance (I have zero serving experience).

So today is Sunday and I have just come back from the Island Trails 4th Annual Island East Cycling Event. It was this three day long biking event in which you could pick one, two or all three days of riding specifically planned out stretches of the PEI Confederation Trail. I was asked by Chris and his parents to join them on the last day (today) to ride from Murray Harbour to Wood Islands.

It's 44km round-trip and I was a bit apprehensive to take on that long of a trail. Plus I've been up to my nose in assignments and exam studying the past week so taking the time aside to do it was also daunting for me. But, I don't get to see his parents often and I really wanted to do it because I have never seen that part of the island before, so I did and survived! I actually did quite well and I'm proud of my legs for making it. A lot of the people only did the one way trip which ended with a lovely lunch at a visitor center, but Chris and I decided to do the ride back. I'm glad I did because now I know that I can ride that far without too much trouble at all. It's a nice feeling to learn something about yourself that you probably wouldn't have given yourself the chance to learn until you get in the situation to make it happen. I could have gotten a ride back but wanted to suck it up and try anyway. Horray!

Now I have to study. Booo!

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