Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back To Reality

Well, this shall be my last entry written from the depths of BC for a good long while. I’m not expecting to make it back this way until around July since that is when my sister is expecting to get married. Sucks living so far away from my home province, but I have to admit that I’ve learned a lot and experiences much as well being so far away. The PEI language and accent alone was an experience all in itself. Plus I have overcome my fear of flying which has proven to be extremely helpful considering how much I have to travel and plan to travel in the future.

So back to PEI tomorrow. Ugh. I shouldn’t say “ugh”, but we’ve been watching the Weather Network while I’ve been away and the weather over there makes me DREAD going back. I was hoping that my last winter on the island would be nice and mild and enjoyable to get through. I’m thinking that my dreams have been dashed considering the 100+ km winds happening the past couple weeks. I think my New Year’s resolution this year should be to shop complaining about PEI weather and just come to terms that it sucks all of the time. I’m being dramatic again…but we got the most beautiful snowfall last night and I woke up to the world being covered in a white blanket of loveliness and I love opening the blinds to my bedroom and automatically smiling. Walking Rizzo this morning was so calm, peaceful and white and it upsets me that in less than 24hours I will be leaving. I also woke up with a head-cold this morning which is quite unfavourable considering the amount of traveling I have to do the next 2 days. I was really hoping that I had avoided the plagues going around the area but alas, one found me. I was so close! Plus my lifestyle the past 2 weeks has been lovely. Sleeping in “late”, long walks with the dogs, eating copious amounts of food which is bad for me, reading novels… life is good when you have no responsibilities. Too bad it has to come to an end. Back to reality!

All I want is to be able to stay here and kick my dad’s butt in Yahtzee until I make enough money to pay off my student loans. Yes, you read that right. We play games for money in this household and yes, we make change if you’re short of pocket change.

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