Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eve of Christmas Eve

One more day and then it is Christmas Eve! It's hard to believe I've been home for over a week already...didn't I just get here? Another thing that sucks about the holiday season is that you're so busy all of the time that time goes by incredibly quickly and before you know it, it's all over and time to go back to the real world again. I'm lucky that I'm able to take time off work to come home to my family this Christmas. Last year I will probably not be able to afford going home so I'd better enjoy it as much as possible this year.

It's been an interesting trip so far. Things aren't going as smoothly as we all would hope for but we're making due. First of all, everyone is sick! Amy's been sick for a long time and working full-time at the hospital so she's worn out whenever I get the chance to see her. My other sister Pam has also been incredibly sick and has been spending her time off from work home alone trying not to infect the rest of us with her disease, and she also has not much energy to do much of anything anyway. Cadance was puking her little guts out a few nights ago which was awesome! Nothing like a projectile vomiting toddler to make the season nice. Of course we were babysitting when it all went down...or 'up' I should say. Also my friend's and cousins kids all have the same stomach flu which means that friend and family visiting is quite minimal at the moment. PLUS, my poor aunt had emergency intestinal surgery the day I got back and was in the ICU for a few days (she's ok now) so we've been steering clear of her because we don't want to get her sick in case we've picked up this nasty flu virus the kids are all getting.

This is also the first year where everyone won't be together for Christmas. Bummer. Pam and Graham are going to Kamloops early Christmas morning so we're all opening our gifts to and from them tomorrow morning instead of Christmas morning. Plus we always do a big family get together on Christmas Eve and Amy works until 9pm so she will basically miss the whole thing, which is unfortunate. I mean, we always keep it going until about midnight but I'm sure a lot of family will have gone home by then. Either way, it's sad that we won't all be together this Christmas.

This has also been the trip of appointments. Last Friday it was the optometrist (my eyes are still good!) and yesterday it was the dentist (my teeth are great as well!) Sure it's good to get the news saying that my body is still in good working order and all, but the bills that come along with these appointments are just really uncool. I'm really hoping that the school reimburses me some of this. Oh, and I have a doctor's appointment today. Yipee.

Since Pam has been sick and working as well, I've had Splash for the past week which has been lovely. I've been going out on lots of long walks in the snow which we've both been really enjoying. We don't have a lot of snow but it's been consistently falling lightly for the past few days which makes morning and afternoon walks nice and winter-wonderlandy. One bad thing about constant snow fall is that things get buried quickly. Yesterday when we were out walking, I was throwing a stick for Splash, and on about the 50th throw it broke. This was sad. But luckily Splash found a new stick buried in the snow and came out running full speed happy that she found a new one. Unfortunately when I bent over to pick it up to throw I realized that this was not a stick but actually some guy's underwear that had frozen solid. Why they were outside in the middle of nowhere, one can only guess. I had a good laugh about that one anyway.

When I got home from the walk, Amy and Cadance had showed up at the house and Cadance greeted me at the door asking if I could take her outside to play in the snow. I had already been outside for well over an hour but it's just impossible to say no to such a little cutie. So Cadance, Splash and I all went for a walk. Well, I pulled Cadance up and down a large hill on the toboggan while Splash played around us with her doggy friend Billy. It was a fun morning to say the least.

As I continue to write this post I am realizing that I cannot possibly blog about everything I've been up to. Just take it to heart that I've been really busy considering that everyone is getting healthier (except my dad who came down with a head cold last night) and I've been enjoying the company of my friends and family very much. Happy Holidays everyone!

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