Thursday, December 2, 2010

Obviously Not An Elephant

Last night was a bit of a personally embarrassing night for me. I had an appointment in the evening and got home around 9pm. I drove Chris to work because I had asked to use his car for the night (and of course he let me because he's so sweet) which meant in turn that I had to pick him up around 10-10:30pm. So I got home and didn't want to do homework because I didn't want to start getting into a studying groove only to have to stop and go grab him from work. Plus studying is no fun. So I decided to be a complete loser instead.

I downloaded John Denver's 1975 album Rocky Mountain Christmas and listened to it while cutting out paper snowflakes. Completely alone. And that's not the worst and most pathetic part of my story. I actually somehow managed to forget how to cut out paper snowflakes! How is that even possible?? I've made about 3 million of them in my lifetime and yes, it's been a while since I created one but I actually went through numerous pieces of paper before I was able to make one that didn't break into 5 pieces when I unfolded it. Here I thought that making snowflakes would be like riding a bike, but I was obviously mistaken.

Tip of the Day: They say that elephants never forget... I suppose this is why I lack the big floppy ears and trunk.

But I did manage to cut a few decent snowflakes by the end of it all. I'm going to cut a new one every day and tape it onto the front door of the apartment until the day I fly home to BC for the holidays. Hopefully my skills improve and the snowflakes look nicer by the end of it.

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