Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The one bad thing about going back to BC for the holidays is that flight prices always get jacked up a day or so after exams finish so there’s this huge pressure of having to book flights before the prices increase which means that I have so little time to get my life in order before I jump on a plane heading west. So the past two days have been chaotic as I have been tying up the dozens of loose ends (you know, all that stuff I’ve failed to do the past 3 months) and have already successfully boarded by first flight. Our internet hasn’t been working all that great the past 2 days so I write this from the Ottawa airport as I wait for my next flight, which goes to Vancouver. I have a 3 hour layover here and only about 45 minutes of battery time left on my laptop, which means I had better go find a good book to read. The thought of reading a book which isn’t a textbook makes me very happy. Plus I am enjoying being in an unfamiliar airport. I usually go to the Toronto or Montreal airport on my way through, but for some reason they booked me to Ottawa. All I can say is that I am happy that they offer free WI-FI and it looks really cold outside right now. Brrrrrr.

So the past couple days, as I mentioned, has been busy. Ok, so Sunday I slacked off a bit, which I think I deserve…but slacking off can keep one busy too! On Sunday I went out to breakfast with Sam and Jess, and then we went and walked around downtown for a few hours. Yeah, my original plan was to go to breakfast then head back home and get some packing and errands done, but walking around aimlessly with my friends was just so much more appealing for me. Sam (the responsible one) left us early to go home and get her life in order, so Jess and I continued to waste time with more shopping and a good hour burned away sitting at Starbucks with some coffee. Jess dropped me off at home and I headed to work for the supper rush at the restaurant. After work, Chris and I watched “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” which was actually a great movie. It’s completely ridiculous and way over the top, but it made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion which is a rare find in movies these days.

But yesterday, yesterday was busy! Driving around, errands, laundry, school stuff, work stuff, grocery stuff, Christmas shopping, wrapping presents…etc…yeah. I didn’t stop from 9:30am til about 10pm. I was very fortunate enough though to go out for supper with Chris, his parents, Kelly and Ryan, at the Merchantman Pub. The company was great and the food was quite delicious as well. A successful day for sure.

Now I sit here in an airport on my way to BC and I am very happy knowing that I get to see my family in only a matter of hours. I am so excited to see everybody, plus the dogs and hopefully lots of snow! It was sad leaving my PEI family behind today but they’ll be there waiting for me when I return, which I look forward to.

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