Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rambling Resolution

I know I'm 4 days late...but, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I've never been a big New Years person because, a) I don't really like staying up later, and b) I'm not much of a drinker, however I do enjoy being kissed at midnight so I'm a sucker for that midnight moment. Other than that, New Years is just the day in which the number on the end of the year increases by one, the gyms fill up with hopeful and determined resolutioners and everyone asks everyone else what kind of personal resolutions he/she has planned. This is a question that I never ask to people because sometimes we make resolutions that are very personal and may not want to share it with those we are not close with, if even at all. I wasn't going to share my resolution since I rarely make them and actually, I can only think of one resolution that I have ever made and yes, I stuck to it! This year I decided to once again make a resolution and will truly try my hardest to stick with it.

I am a bit of a mumbler and I have gotten sick and tired of people saying to me, "Pardon me?" or "Huh?" or "You have chalk in your nose?" when really I said that I went for a walk in the snow. I became profoundly self-conscious about my volume of speech when I was 14 years old after a snarly classmate made a rude remark to me in French class about my voice. Ever since I have lowered my voice to a level that a lot of people have trouble hearing it and this year I have had it up to here (raises hand to forehead) with repeating myself. So I am going to speak up and speak more clearly to every person that I encounter in hopes of having normal communication skills with society. I'm actually quite excited about this resolution and I hope it works out well.

Speaking of resolutions, a major one is to eat better and/or be more healthy. I read an article today that I really liked and I thought I would share it. It's called No Meat, No Dairy, No Problem and is just a short piece with a few tips on how to make small changes in your diet which promotes a vegan way of eating. During that cleanse I did a few weeks back, I was basically vegan for most of those 14 days so I have a new found appreciation for what vegans have to do to have a balanced and healthy diet. It's hard and there is a lot of Food Label reading to do as well as plenty of planning ahead when it comes to meal time. The article is not saying that you have to be vegan to be healthy - nothing like that. Now it's true that those who follow a balanced vegan diet have lower rates of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and other diseases, but going vegan is definitely not for everybody.  He is just saying that if you include even just one vegan meal a week then it may increase your awareness on how to continue to make subtle changes in your eating which are healthier and promote long-term healthier behaviours. He even added yummy Semi-Vegan recipes for those interested in some ideas that taste great are also good on the body. Give it a try. You just might learn something.

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