Thursday, January 5, 2012

Awesome Episodes

Today is another episode of Adrienne's Awesome Things which is a blog posting that I give 100% credit to as my inspiration. This blog is definitely in one of the top spots in terms of favouritism of all the blogs I try to follow since it makes me happy and I can relate to most of the ideas that this guy thinks of as being awesome. I have written a couple of these posts before because every so often I get a surge of realizations of things that are truly great and may not be recognized and fully appreciated by the public.  So I'd like to take a moment and share a few things that I have noticed as being awesome (at least to me) in the past couple of days.

1) Finding a Gift Card You Forgot That You Had - I was digging around the messy contents of my night stand last night when I discovered a gift card that I totally forgot about. It's like finding money! Whoot whooo!

2) When The Siren Blasting Cop Car Speeds Past You - For a couple seconds you begin to panic when you see the lights flashing in your rear-view mirror and you think, "What did I do?" Your eyes immediately hit the speedometer. Nope...not speeding. Didn't run a stop sign or a red light. Didn't cut anyone off and you've had nothing to drink. You pull over to the side of the road and watch as the cop car speeds right on by, not even giving you a second glance. Relief. It's a great feeling.

3) Little Kids in Biker Jackets - It doesn't happen often enough. They're like miniature bikers, but still have their innocence, bodies lacking any tattoos and a vocabulary that contains zero swear words. Their fake leather jackets are a bit too big but it doesn't matter because they look so bloody cute wearing them. The little girl I saw wearing one had pink rhinestones all over the back of it. Classic.

4) People Who Don't Suit Their Car - A suave looking man wearing a dark business suit driving around downtown Seattle in a black shiny BMW just looks right. The car suits him. A construction worker wearing a hard hat and overalls who drives a large crew cab Dodge Ram is a good fit. It works. A couple days ago while I was driving to work, I saw this huge bearded man who looked like he just flew in from the Russian tundra (wearing an ushanka to boot!) was squeezing into his tiny Toyota Tercel hatchback. It just looked so wrong. But it was great!

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