Monday, January 23, 2012

Lying Low

I have come to the point in my blogging life where I am trying to decide if I want to continue blogging or retire the site for good - or at least temporarily. The people that I want to read this blog are the people who don't seem to get the time to get around to reading it, which makes me quite sad because that was the whole point of doing this thing. I wanted to keep my friends and family back home up-to-date on my daily events and random thought processes that occur while I inhabit this side of the country. But it seems that the people viewing The Kotyk Report are those either from a million miles away who accidentally stumble upon my page or those who live here on PEI, and I feel that I can just tell them about my daily occurrences anyway when I see them. It also keeps me from repeating myself when I do see these people face-to-face.

Me: "So did I tell you about the other night when I was out with so-and-so and we were walking down the street and -"
Them: "Oh yeah, I read that in your blog the other night."
Me: "Oh. Ok."

See my point? I know that some of my BC people are reading this which is great, so maybe I just need more feedback from them or something. Maybe I'm just feeling uninspired lately and am not feeling excited about the things I write about. Maybe I should wait until something huge and monumental happens in which the world will be truly stoked to hear about.

I have been hiding out the past 8 days because I am in the middle of doing another one of those detox/cleanses and I am finding that I am really disliking the way that most people act around me when they learn of what I am doing. They are making me feel like I am doing some stupid and that it's a huge waste of my time and energy. So, I have been staying away from people. Simple as that. I am going way less hardcore this time around and am still allowing myself coffee and meat, which has been extremely helpful with how I am felling physically. Not that I ever eat much meat anyway, but the amounts that I do eat have given me more strength and mental clarity than during my first cleanse. Plus I completely avoided the horrible headaches by keeping with coffee while getting rid of sugar. The second time around doing this has been much easier because I know of the what I can and cannot eat and still have residual cleanse-friendly food kicking around. But like I said, I am not fond of people's reactions to me and it makes me not want to share.

The thing I find strange about it is that if I were to come out and say that I have decided to become vegan or live wheat-free, gluten-free and/or sugar-free for the rest of my life, most people wouldn't bat an eyelash because they would assume that I have good reasons for wanting to do this and diets such as those have become more of the norm since everyone suddenly decided they have celiac disease (don't get me started on that subject). But since I am only doing this for 2 weeks, they all assume I have some mental problem for wanting to challenge myself to avoid foods that they don't know may be the root source as to why I have had such intense stomach problems since I was 10 years old. Plus I have been feeling better physically this time around then I have felt in a very, very long time. Maybe I'm doing something right by avoiding all of these possible trigger foods?

Please don't let it be the chocolate. Please don't let it be the chocolate.


  1. I am reading you from BC!

  2. Wellllll...let me weigh in here. I for one enjoy reading your blogs. I know your parents enjoy it when I share with them what I have read even though we dont seem to see each other this time of year..but that is another story for another time. If you find that blogging takes more out of you than you get in return then I say, yep, time to ditch it. But if the opposite is true and you find some kind of pleasure or whatever from it then you ought to keep it up. You have a tremendous flair for writing, I think it could be a second career for you if the first one gets boring!
    As for your motto has always been, who gives a rats ass what other people think? The only person that really can judge what you do to yourself is you! If others care enough to understand then they are the ones worth sharing it with, heck with the rest of them!
    Whatever you decide to do I fully support, though I will miss your posts if you stop.

    Hugs for you!