Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maddening Pleasantry

Alright. I'm going to lay it all out here today. I have a huge beef to talk about and I feel like an absolute a-hole for this being something that I can easily call a pet peeve, but I can't help but feel total disdain for people who do this to me on an hourly basis.

If you're calling my place of work and I answer the phone, please, PLEASE, do not ask me how I am or how things are going where I am. Just ask me your question or tell me the reason you are calling so that we can get the conversation rolling and resolve whatever issue you are calling me about. Whenever I try to explain why this irks me so badly, I don't know if my explanation is good enough to keep from making myself look like a complete jerk. Only in PEI has this ever been an issue so I am thinking that since everyone on the island knows everyone else, they are all trying to be extra friendly so that no one offends anyone else, just in case it gets back to so-and-so's mom that he was rude on the phone to a random server at a bar. What would she think of that!??!

I am well aware that it is common courtesy to ask a person how he/she is when entering a conversation, but I do not think it is at all necessary to ask this question when calling a busy restaurant to ask to speak to a manager, make a reservation or order a take-out burger. Really, you don't care how I am doing at all. You just want to order your food so that it's ready to be picked up in 10 minutes when you arrive during your lunch break. My personal well-being is not the hot topic in this moment and I almost find it insulting that you are taking this extra time to ask me this question during a super busy lunch rush when you truly don't care what my answer will me. Maybe next time someone asks me I will go on about how terrible I am because of a lingering infection in my big toe that has been filling my shoe with puss for the past week and the antibiotics have me so constipated that I can barely walk without having to take a break from the cramping. Maybe that would teach them to ask such silly questions!

I'm sure I will get some hate mail from this blog post and I will get called some bad names because I am trashing friendly people. Friendliness and common decency is quickly going out of style which is a sad thing for sure, so keep in mind that this is just one girls personal opinion and I encourage all of you to be sociable and well-rounded people for the world to enjoy. Just don't ask about my well being anymore.


  1. how ya doing? do you really have an infection in your toe? that sounds nasty! haha..:P

  2. Hahaa! No, no infection. Just the first strange thing to come to mind when typing like a fiend. Thanks for reading!