Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good Luck To Me!

I am proud to announce that I have completed all of my grad applications and they have been successfully mailed to various places in Canada. I absolutely detest having to do any kind of application process involving furthering my education because it is so tedious and ridiculously expensive. Having to coordinate getting specific people to fill out specific forms to be my references (or "referees" as the schools call them) and dropping off the papers then picking them up again, is just so much work! Then each school or program wants small little specific things to be done to ensure that we are not only paying attention to their demands, but also to see if we want this bad enough to do these things for them. For example, one place wanted a hand-written letter of intent explaining why I want to attend their program and why I am qualified to even be asking to be part of it. Hand written? What does that even mean? I felt really out of shape writing that letter. My wrist cramped up about half way down the page. It's actually quite surprising just how little anything is hand-written anymore. Type it up, print it off and be done with it. That's the way the world has become.

As I mentioned above, applying to any kind of school or program these days has gotten so expensive that a lot of people can't afford to even apply, never mind attend multiple years of schooling. It cost me roughly $1000 to apply to these 5 places and that is only just for them to read my applications. They all could read the first page and toss it in the trash, take the cheque and go buy a round of drinks for the department. But one school in Ontario was actually free to apply to...hopefully I didn't over look something... now I'm concerned. Why wouldn't they want a free round of drinks if it was in their power to make it happen. I am just really happy that it is all done and mailed away and I don't have to worry about rushing through the paperwork last minute. So now all I can do is wait a few weeks and see if any interviews come out of all of that paperwork. Good luck to me!

Now, just a quick rant to talk about something that drives me bonkers. People who talk for other people. Why do you feel the need to do this? A customer yesterday was totally talking and ordering for the other man at the table and I wanted to say "Dude, he can speak for himself," but of course that would have been rude on my part. But isn't that rude on his part too? I see it over and over again when working in restaurants and a lot of the time it's women who talk for their man. I know it's old-fashioned for men to order a meal for a woman and all that jazz, but it just seems so strange to me that a person would allow another person to do this. Is it a dominating/submissive thing? Even if I knew that my date wanted the clam linguini because he/she ordered it every single time we went to that restaurant, I would let that person place the order. I dunno. Thoughts?

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