Friday, August 6, 2010

Early Morning Conversations

On Tuesday I learned a very important lesson: never rely on a conversation you have with someone at 5am, especially when that person just woke up. As I was leaving for work I asked Chris to please pick me up after work at Ferraro Foods at 6:30 since I had to pick up some things for Gill and her family while they stay here. I also wanted to get a ride out to my parent's house to drop the stuff off and do some cleaning at the house in preparation for their stay. We talked this over and he agreed and wished me a good day at work.

On my break at work I even sent him a quick email to remind to pick me up at 6:30 and to please water the tomato plants. Reminder #2 seemed good enough to make sure that I had a ride after work.

So I sat there for over a half hour outside of Ferraro Foods that day, waiting on the curb with my heavy grocery bags resting beside me. Where could he be? I called the house but there was no pick up. Hmmm. Luckily an old perverted man who continued to tell me how beautiful I am kept me company for a while. That was nice. There's no flattery as good as that from drunken men with long scraggly hair and overly dark glasses. I think the worst part of the whole situation was the looks of pity from the customers who see me when they enter the store, then once again see me sitting in the same place as they leave. They know that I have been abandoned at the grocery store while my jug of milk warms in the heat of the day.

I didn’t want to bother the people in the store to use their phone again so I hauled my bags over to 7-11 and made some calls on the pay phone in hopes of finding a ride. No pick up at Amy’s house. Parents weren’t home either. My last call was to Pam who was thankfully home and able to come to my rescue. While I waited by the curb for Pam to arrive, low and behold, my scraggly haired friend came moseying down the sidewalk again in my direction; a freshly bought bottle of booze in his hand and a smile on his face. He had found me again. Lucky me.

Turns out Chris had zero recollection of our 5am conversation and was shocked at how in detail I was able to describe his answers to my questions and promises to pick me up. Apparently this is not a new situation for him and told me to ask his mom about just how useless it is to speak to him when he is in that state. I wonder how many people he has left stranded at grocery stores in the past?

Tip of the Day: Seedless watermelon, $4.98. Two bags of chips, $5.00. A bunch of bananas, $1.07. Getting hit on by creepy old drunk men in the early afternoon…priceless.


I wanted to add this picture to my blog because I love it and it made me laugh. It was taken with Pam's camera at the top of Plewman's Trail and she just recently sent it to me. Enjoy!

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