Friday, August 27, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

Only 2 more shifts at work. Wow. Where did the summer go? We are flying back to PEI in 8 days and I am just blown away at the speed at which the day has arrived.

Every month each shift at work has a safety meeting to discuss another successful injury free month and to look over any incident reports from other plants. The guys surprised me today with a giant (and I mean GIANT) cake wishing me the best of luck in school. And yeah, they somehow managed to get an amazing forklift stencil to put on the cake. They also all pitched in to buy me a gift certificate to my favourite clothing store here. What a bunch of great guys eh?? I'm going to miss them lots. Thanks for the memories guys...and thanks for putting up with me and not getting frustrated at the millions of questions I asked and the numerous machines I broke.

The one thing that I always wondered about my job and the guys who work there is just how much they censor themselves in my presence. Most of them are quite mild mannered but there are one or two which will say anything and everything when I am around. Today was the day that I learned that they are actually holding back immensely with what they would talk about if I weren't around. One of the men (who is secretly my favourite but don't tell the others) was saying some really crude comments to another guy and didn't see me walk into the lunchroom and sneak up behind him. When he turned around and saw me, I think his face turned about 9 shades of red and said, "oh...didn't see you there kiddo!" I think it's kind of sad that they don't just say what they want to when I am around. How are we supposed to make solid judgements about the people we know if they hold back who they truly are all of the time? I understand that he watched his mouth around me as a sign of respect for me, but still, always be yourself!

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  1. haha, cuz they were told by their boss to behave cuz he wasnt going to have you made uncomfortable or unhappy. i think his words to them were something along the line of, "treat these young women as you would like to have your daughters treated if they were working here" Glad you had a "good" time there.