Thursday, August 5, 2010

Past Days

It's been a hectic week...and yet not all that much happened. I mean, lots happened, but nothing that has inspired me to blog solely on one topic. A quick rundown of the past week would be as follows:

-Ended up not going to the lake because the weather was utterly horrible. We had it alright in Trail but over at Woodbury there were storms and torrential downpours and ghastly winds. My dad called up us and basically told us not to bother if we wanted to sleep in a tent or have any kind of outdoor fun over there. He also informed me that their car broke down and had to get it towed to the Honda dealership in Castlegar and that there was a chance that I would have to come pick them up on Sunday afternoon.

-The following day I went and babysat Cadance for a few hours. Eventually Chris came over to the house as well to keep me company. We decided to take Cadance to the mall so that she could play in the ballroom (weather was bad that day) and mingle with all of the children over there. We learned that day that she really really really doesn't like those fake tattoos. She had a bit of a meltdown when I applied a lovely heart tattoo to her upper arm.

-Sunday I took Splash for a nice long walk in the morning. The weather was beautiful and I tried to take as long as I could when walking. As soon as my path steered me towards my neighbourhood, I would take a turn in another direction to lengthen the walk. Eventually I got home and headed out to the lake to pick up my parents and Rizzo. It's amazing just how different the weather is out there compared to here in town. It was hot and muggy when I left Trail and by the time I got out to Woodbury, it was cloudy and the wind chilled me considerable. When it comes to weather, the rules never apply out there. Chris, Jer and Splash all went for a drive/hike up a mountain so I knew that I'd be going home to an empty house, so I lingered at the folks house when we got back to Trail.

-Monday was back to work. Double time and a half is never a bad thing. I made more money that day then I would have gotten on an entire paycheck from my job last summer. Crazy. I also got to drive a Bobcat for the first time that day! I've been wanting to drive that machine since I began work at Teck and I when I got the opportunity, I took it!

-I also learned Monday that Gill and her family would be heading to Canada on Wednesday! After a lot of debate, we decided the best place for them to stay would be with my parents. Pam's house has a few "quirks" to it that would make their stay perhaps not as comfortable then they may have liked. One of them being the ant infestation and another the crappy air conditioning. I wouldn't want a family with a newborn baby sleeping in a house covered in raid and unevenly cooled in 40 degree weather (Yep, it was 39 degrees today). Blah. Nothing special.

-Wednesday is today. Unfortunately I didn't get to see Gill when they arrived because I was already at work. Stupid night shift. Sucks that I have to work the first two days they are here, but I'll have the weekend to enjoy their company. I look forward to it!

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