Monday, August 9, 2010

Through Hell or High Water....

Sunday was a bit of a bust. The big plan was to spend the day at Champion Lake with Gill and her family. We were to meet Sarah and her family as well and just make a big fun day of it. Well, the weather had different plans. It started off alright. There were some daunting clouds which made us a bit nervous but Sarah's husband was equipped with a tent-like structure which would be assembled over the picnic table and make an alright cover for us if we needed it. The BBQ was fired up, the kids (and of course Chris) were down by the water playing in the mud building a structure of some kind, and everything seemed to be going nicely. Until the skies opened up and nearly drowned us in the rain.

The funny thing about crappy weather when at the lake is that kids just don't care. It was pouring incredibly hard and it just did not faze them in the least. They remained down by the water, laughing and playing together as though it were sunny and 35 degrees outside. Some of us adults took this as a cue to say 'ah the hell with it' and decided to join them. We were getting massively soaked anyway so what would be the difference of just jumping right in. Besides, swimming when it's raining out is just so satisfying. The water seems warmer and fresher and just all that much more enjoyable.

Tip of the Day: Watching kids eat soggy Cheesies is hilarious. The reaction of watching them bit into something which is supposed to be crunchy but ends up tasting like softened foam is just downright funny.

Unfortunately, after waiting and waiting for the rain to let up, it failed to do so, so we decided to pack everything up and get on out of there. This was really disappointing but these things happen from time to time. It's just too bad that it had to happen during the few days that my friends were in town with their kids. The remainder of the day consisted of grocery shopping, cooking, drinking and dice games. No complaints there!

Today Gill and the family had to head back to the US and say goodbye to Canada for a while. I picked up Splash and drove over early in the morning to say my farewells to everyone. We are planning to take a quick trip down to Seattle in a couple weeks to go visit them, but it's still hard to see them leave. I've known Gill since I was 5 years old and I hate that we live so far away from each other. Plus her family is wonderful and I wish that I could spend more time with them on a regular basis. Anyway, after giving their Suburban help with some jumper cables (one of the kids left a DVD player running overnight), they were on their way. I then took Splash and Riz for a walk, already missing my friends. Here's a picture of all of Gill's cutie kids:

Back to work tomorrow. How do my days off go by so quickly?

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