Saturday, August 7, 2010

Explosive Day

Today was a busy day but it was extremely enjoyable. It all started off early with a hike up the mountain to a plane crash site that Pam has been wanting to walk up to all summer. On October 18th 1947, a B25 Mitchell Bomber from the Canadian Air Force crashed into the mountain up in the Plewman Basin. There were 7 people aboard the plane, and all were instantly killed upon impact. The hike is not well known to a lot of people and we were basically relying on word of mouth and some flagging tape on random trees to show us the way up the mountain through some rather rough terrain. It's not a well maintained path like the ones we have been walking lately so our legs were good were scratched up by the end of it. When we got up to the crash site...we just kind of stood back and took it all in. It was very easy to understand why everyone on board were killed instantly considering how mangled and torn apart the remains were. Just a graveyard of scrap metal all over the place. It was sad and eerie to stand there in such a beautiful place of the world and see the destruction that a man-made machine can make.

We headed back down the mountain and drove to Trail to hang out with Gill and her family for a couple hours. Chris went and crawled into my old bed to take a nap (7am wake up is a bit rough on that guy) while I headed into town to help Ralph (Gill's husband) find a couple places to hand out resumes. Did I mention that they're wanting to move to Canada!!! YAY! We went out for a quick lunch and headed back to the house so that I could wake up Chris and head to Holden's birthday party.

Here's a picture of Gill's adorable daughter Piper playing on one of the kiddie rides at the mall:

Holden's 5th birthday party was being held at the Trail Aquatic Center and Chris has been looking forward to this day ever since I received the invitation many weeks ago. Nothing like 14 screaming kids all splashing around in a pool to get your Saturday really going. We played around the pool/hot tub/sauna/water slide for nearly two hours before the party dwindled down and parents started coming by to pick up their kids. I honestly don't think I've ever had that much fun at that pool before in my life.

We went back to hang out with Gill and family after the birthday party again. We took Splash and Riz for a walk then headed back home for some dinner. After dinner, Chris, Ralph and I walked down to the river so that the guys could jump in the water for an after dinner cool down. Eating vast amounts of pasta generally makes you want to drop your body temperature a few degrees in hopes of easing the pressure in the system. I've always found this helps!

After that we played some dice games (both of which Ralph won and got all of our money). It was a truly lovely day and evening. I look forward to the adventures that tomorrow brings.

Tip of the Day: When you go to the Kotyk's house to play games, always remember to bring your money. Winner takes all at our house.

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