Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Employee Evaluation

So for all of the Teck employees and especially for the summer students, the supervisors fill out employee rating sheets and have a meeting with each employee to explain how they feel about that person's progress as a worker. There are 11 points to criteria to discuss; safety practices, attitude, work performance, initiative, dependability, cooperativeness, critical thinking, responsibility, adaptability, communication skills and fitness. Each point is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being poor/below standard and 10 being excellent/way above standard). They also look at your attendance and whether or not you should be recommended to be retained at Teck or discharged. The main purpose of this for summer students is for employer reference. If I were to ask Teck for a reference for a future job, they would send a copy of this to the possible employer to explain what kind of worker I was.

My boss Larry called me in the other day to sit me down and discuss my employee rating sheet. He handed it to me and let me have a quick look over before we discussed it. My eyes quickly ran down the rating scales and honestly, my heart sank. All I saw were the numbers jumping out at me. They were not what I would have expected at all. I thought of myself as a pretty good employee and to see what they really thought of me honestly made me rethink what kind of worker I am. That's when Larry gave a little chuckle and said, "and here's your real rating sheet" and handed me the actual copy. Phhhhew! That was a relief. Much higher scores than the previous one. Do you see what I have to deal with at work???

After I left the meeting room and took a few minutes to read through the fake sheet, I had to laugh. The comments that he put in were pretty hilarious. In society today we are so hung up on the numbers that we skip the reading of the words and immediately look at the numbers. For instance, body weight. We get all worried about what the scales say and don't take into consideration how we feel at the weight we are at. If I had read the comments then I would have easily figured out it was a joke much more quickly.

So here's a quick run through of what the phony rating sheet said:
*Safety Practices - 3/10 - We saw her wear her hard hat a few times (I don't have to wear a hard hat where I work so this comment actually made me upset when I read it at first because I wasn't in the wrong here).

*Attitude - 8/10 - She definitely has an attitude, pink hair?

*Work Performance - 5/10 - And she managed to read 8 novels this summer (actually I should be able to get through 9 by the end of it).

*Initiative - 4/10 - First one to leave when something goes wrong.

*Dependability - 2/10 - Missed her third shift (I actually took a day off for Sarah's wedding and everyone was on my case, jokingly of course, that I got a day off so soon after beginning working there).

*Cooperativeness - 4/10 - Sits quietly in the lunchroom, never talks to others.

*Critical Thinking - 3/10 - She always asks others what to do (only when really confused or breaking things).

*Responsibility - 10/10 - Broke a forklift and damaged our elevator (he gave me such high points because I'm the first to admit when I mess up).

*Adapability - 3/10 - She hates change (this coming for the girl who changes her hair colout every week?).

*Communication Skills - 8/10 - Don't know, she never talks.

*Fitness - 4/10 - Seems to get a lot of sleep at work (I sleep the least out of everyone).

Tip of the Day: Never trust your boss.

Oh, and he also recommended me to be discharged. Geez. Way to make a girl feel special.

But on the bright side, I also won and received a $50 gift card from Teck. Yay for gift cards to Canadian Tire!


  1. I have a confession to make. when mom and dad told me about your blog I decided to check it out and I've been hooked (lurking) ever since... which I feel kinda creepy about so I'm outting myself. blogging is such a crazy thing... I've been able to follow (somewhat) what Chris has been up to... seems like you guys have had a great/busy summer and I'm just happy you were willing to share it with us by blogging about it. =) when will we see you?

  2. I'm glad for the creeping! It makes me happy knowing that people out there are reading this ridiculous thing when it's basically just me ranting about my silly life. We'll be back on Sept 5th. Well, I will be anyway. Chris may be wanting to stay a bit longer...BC has that effect on people. I'll let you know :)