Monday, April 25, 2011

24 Hours of Enjoyment

The past 24 hours have been quite enjoyable. I've been both busy and social which are two components of a healthy life that I have been lacking lately. Yesterday was Easter Sunday and I worked a few hours in the morning/afternoon. Later on, Chris and I went to his brother-in-law's parents home for supper and it was absolutely delicious. The family is Lebanese which means that the food was nothing short of spectacular. Large platters of turkey, ham, hummus, tabouleh, pita, was a great change of the Easter meals that I grew up with and even though my protein and caloric intake for that night was high enough to sustain me for at least a week, I wish I could eat like that much more often. Plus having dinner with 20+ people was something I have greatly missed since living here.

This morning I got up nice and early to go for a walk. I had an appointment at 10am for an hour long massage so I wanted to stretch out a bit before heading over there. I told myself that I would treat myself to a massage when I finished exams, so today was the day for that treat. I went to a lady named Heather Scales who I met a while back when I was volunteering at the Charlottetown Health Expo. She has a place just up the street and it was a lovely massage. I walked out of there feeling like I'd just woken up from a deep sleep that I couldn't fully wake from. That's a sign of a good rub-down. This picture here pretty much wraps up exactly how I felt afterwards. Plus she gave me two Hershey Kisses so automatically that's major bonus marks.

After that I went to help Sam move some boxes from her place to Chris's parent's house (where she's staying for a few weeks until her summer apartment clears out at the end of May). Seeing what was left of her place all packed up in boxes and duffel bags reminded me of just how much I hate moving. I have moved so many times and even though I am becoming a pro at it, it never gets anymore fun. Sam dropped me off at the apartment around 1:30m so I hopped on the 2:03 bus to go up to the gym to enjoy a good run. I have only a few days left to enjoy my student gym pass so I've been trying to get there as much as I can. I missed the 3:37 bus back home which meant I got to enjoy a warm and sunny walk home. Today was the closest to perfect in terms of weather on this island.

When I got home and after a shower and quick snack, Chris's friend Mark called and asked if we wanted to doggie-sit for a few hours. Chris and I have been trying to walk Mark's dog Fred as much as we can because we both love dogs but can't have one, so we jump at the chance when it comes up to walk Fred. Mark lives out of town so when he comes into town for a couple hours we just ask him to drop the dog off then come grab him on the way back out of town. So, the three of us went for a nice long walk and we found a park to throw a ball around for Fred's utmost enjoyment. Man, I must have walked at least 20 miles today.

Tip of the Day: Never trust Fred if there's a cat around.

We were both super hungry by the end of the walk so we dropped in at Formosa's Tea House to pick up some quick Chinese food to take back home. Everyone, including my new masseuse friend Heather, has been telling me to try this place because it's been around forever, all vegetarian and apparently delicious. Plus the place is for sale and could close at any day. And yeah, it was quite tasty for sure. I recommend the dumplings. Mmmm.

Now it's time for a beer and a movie. $20 says I fall asleep before it's over.

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