Saturday, April 9, 2011

Battle of the Exams, Bands and Applications

It's 1 am and I just completed my second final exam. My brain is feeling mushy and my eyelids are getting droopy. Why am I blogging and not crawling into my warm and comfy bed? I'm not sure.

Final exam #2 was a pain in the arse. It was a take-home exam which would seem like every student's dream because you have access to all of your books, notes and the internet, but yet it was not easy and not fun and I am happy to be done with it. When I started the thing I began to have a little panic attack because I was feeling very inadequate and my brain was racing trying to decide how to approach it. It took a long time to get going but once I did I was able to plug on through and finish it in a sweet 4 hours. From the sounds of it, the rest of my classmates took a lot longer to finish it so I am thankful that I tend to not over think these things and just go where my brain and fingers take me.

I broke up the test writing to go to this Battle of the Bands thing that was happening tonight. Chris's band was entered in a contest to win this big prize of getting cool things like a professional music video made and a 6 song album and to play at the EMA's this week...stuff like that. Unfortunately they did not win :( which was a huge bummer. They were awesome though. I don't want to bad-mouth the band that won because a friend of mine was also in that one, but I think it was rigged! The guys who got runner-up were not worthy of second place. I will not name names, but c'mon! We were all shocked by the outcome of this event. It was a good time though and I got to listen to some local bands who got a cool chance to play their music and entertain some people.

So I learned about 20 minutes ago that there are 6 internship positions still available for students to apply to get. Ugh. This is just a slow and painful process that is wearing me down to the point where apathy is overwhelming me. Basically now what they want are all of the students who were initially rejected to apply AGAIN to these 6 spots left open. The competition will be cut-throat and I know I have to apply because I can't not apply, but I really really don't want to apply. Applications are the worst. I think I'd rather take a barium enema at this point instead.

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