Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mooing Easter Bunnies?

It's been a quiet week around here. I've been feeling quite useless without school directing my time and with only working part-time, boredom is quickly catching up with me. I've been going non-stop for the past 4 years so it's hard to rationalize sitting still and doing nothing. Honestly, I start to go a bit bat-shit crazy when I have nothing to do or work on. Normally when I need something to keep me busy I end up going for a nice long walk or jump on the bike and go for a ride, but the weather has been less than permissive to allow me to even enjoy that. I look out the window right now and see nothing but snow and wind (yep, you read that right. SNOW!) I need a hobby.

So what have I been up to? Not too much. I was unable to attend that contest in Summerside on the weekend which meant that I had to forfeit my place in the draw for the $10,000 livingroom makeover giveaway. There was only one person at work who was able to switch shifts with me and she didn't want to, (yes, I was angry and bitter at her for a long while) so I had to miss out on the event. But that night I got to go to the Molson Canadian Rock Stage at the Delta where there were 7 bands playing for the ECMAs. It was great to have the chance to watch 7 local bands all strut their stuff on stage. The line-up was Mark Bragg and the Butchers, Carmen Townsend, English Words, Ross Neilson & The Sufferin Bastards, Three Sheet, The Stanfields and The Trews. I don't get out much so I am not the most knowledgeable person in terms of local talent so I got to check some names off the list of people and bands that I wanted to hear play.

Just a little silly something that I really enjoy which I want to tell the world. So, if you know me or have read any of my earlier posts, you would know that I have a strange adoration for cows and every so often I will get a gift that is cow-oriented and the buyer tells me that they couldn't help buying it for me. Well, my mom is the main person who does this for me and she has a knack for buying the best Easter cow cards and sending them to me. Every year I can count on receiving a fantastic and witty Easter card somehow related to the bovine species (like a cow dressed up like a bunny or something equally ridiculous) and she always writes in the inside, "I had to buy this card because it reminded me of you." This year topped them all because it was one of those singing/music playing cards. Epic Easter card mom. I love you and am very glad that you will always be there to buy me the most silly cards. They will never get old.


  1. I will make sure she gets to read what you have written in this blog. We are enjoying Easter weekend out here at the lake.

  2. So she read it and she did really well this time..only a teary eye that she barely had to wipe! They are super excited to see you next week!