Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's All Over Now

Another week has gone by without me writing a post. I completely blame it on procrastination (as I look over at my books waiting patiently for me to return to them since they were avoided many hours ago). According to every university student's best friend, Mr. Wikipedia, procrastination is the "act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of low-priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time." It then states that such behavior is a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision.

No, I will not reference this quotation so don't ask!

So why would I put off important tasks at this time in my life? Well, to start off I guess I should announce that I am officially done with my classes at UPEI (YAY!) and final exams are in full swing (Boooo!) which means that every student is either, a) being a good student and spending hour after hour at the library trying to soak in every last drop of information, or, b) going on long walks, watching marathons of random television shows, dusting random areas of the home and baking dozens of muffins to pass the time. Unfortunately I fall into category (b). I think what's going on is that my exams don't start until a few days into the exam schedule so I feel as though I have all of this extra time when really I don't. Plus, I'm soooo done with school at this point that I want to just forget that it even exists. Also, there's so many other fun things to be doing with my time!

Thursday night Chris played at The Alibi so it was a late night for me. Class was cancelled in the morning so I used the opportunity to have an excuse to stay out til the roosters began to shout their morning greeting. He's actually playing again this Thursday night again and I don't know if I will attend. I have an exam the next day, but it isn't until 7pm so I might be able to swing it (I know, Friday at 7pm to write an exam. WHY?). He's playing lots the next few weeks so it's not as though I won't be able to see them play again soon.

Friday night was the last party at the Gerald Street house. Lots of people I know from school, plus many that I have no idea who they were but proved to be entertaining, all gathered for one last shin-dig at the house my former roommates still live to celebrate the end of classes. It gave me the chance to talk to people and tell them things I've been meaning to say for a long while but just never got around to saying (good things and most of them compliments).

Saturday was potluck night at Jess's mom's house over in Montegue where we all chowed down to various yummy goods. Jess's mom is a total riot and she's just such a bubbly source of pure fun and entertainment. After dinner she even taught us how to make homemade gift boxes with matching ribbons! I felt quite proud of myself for actually making a ribbon. Who knew this is where my education would lead me.

The final reason for my extreme procrastination is plain and simple day-dreaming. Mom and dad are coming in less than a month and I'm so excited! I wish the whole family could come but that is obviously asking a lot. Two is better than none I suppose.

Tip of the Day: adding lots of pictures to a blog post is another effective method for procrastination.

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