Saturday, April 30, 2011

And The Verdict Is....

Marks are in and the verdict is out. I get to graduate! I wasn't too worried about whether or not I got to dress up in the green and gold grad gown on Saturday, but it's a relief to see the marks and breathe a little easier. My Human Metabolism class had me a little worried considering I nearly broke down crying after I finished writing that exam. I guess it wasn't that bad after all! I am happy.

So, one week today I will be at the school, all dressed up and listening to some person tell us that now that we have these expensive pieces of paper and we now get to all be successful and the world is our oyster. Where did that expression even come from anyway?

Plus, mom and dad will be here in a few days! I just really really hope that the weather somehow does a 180 and the sun comes out. Even if just for a few days! But the idea of having the parents here makes me so happy. I miss my family.

Tip of the Day: After some minor research, "World is Your Oyster" comes from a Shakespeare play. Basically some guy said the world is his oyster and he planned to open with a sword, which I think means that the world is full of slimy masses of stinky shellfish that we have to swallow whole to avoid the texture. Makes sense to me.


  1. Here's some info on Greenwich Park/Beach I was talking about.

    Since neither you nor Chris have been there before, you have even more reason to take your folks there. The walk TO the beach is as nice as the beach itself. Try to wait for a day with a southern breeze, if you can, for any day-trips to the north shore.

    Cedar's eatery is definitely somewhere I'd take a first-timer to PEI too. Lebanese cuisine is such a big part of PEI culture and Cedar's has the best... plus it's such a cozy little spot. You can make reservations too.

    Most visitors to PEI visit the village of Victoria.

    The Village Inn Restaurant has amAzing food. Fine dining, locally sourced, in season, and prepared by local chef Stephen Hunter (who is awesome). Any time we want to treat ourselves, we go there. It's not too stuffy (you'll see a lot of old ladies there, eating before going to see a show at the Victoria Playhouse), but the food is better than any fine dining we've tried in Charlottetown. The cafe in Victoria is awesome too if you're looking for something more casual.

    For any of the "touristy" things you plan on doing, I'd call first to either make sure the places are open, or to let them know that you're planning to visit. Places in Victoria sometimes only open if they know someone is planning to drop in (ie. the cafe or the chocolate factory). You should call the Dunes Gallery to see if they're going to be open... they probably will be. If you guys are into visiting artist studios, you can call to arrange visits to those as well.

    I'm sure you guys will, at some point, go for a walk around town. You can visit places like the confed centre/gallery, victoria row, the gahan house (for a pint of locally made beer), moonsnail soapworks and other local shops along the way (I think there's a pottery/art studio next to moonsnail now), the waterfront, cow's icecream, & Beaconsfield historic house.

    Also, lobster season is upon us so you could go to a lobster supper:

    or prepare your own.

  2. Kelly, you rock. I love you.