Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chronically Annoyed

I know that being unique and having personal character flaws makes us special because it sets us apart from the rest of the world. I have my own list of flaws which run a good mile long and I am the first to admit to them...most of the time. But the one thing I have on my side is that I am a punctual person. I hate to be late and when I am late then I am overcome with huge remorse and apologize profusely until the person pats me on the shoulder and says, "Adrienne, it's no big deal." I guess the reason I feel so much remorse for tardiness is because I HATE it when people are chronically late.

There are so many people who are always late. And I mean ALWAYS late! I don't understand how people can live like this and think it's ok. Is my time less precious than yours therefore it's understandable why I have to stand around and wait for you? In my opinion, being chronically late is a huge sign of disrespect. A lot of people don't understand my view of this, then again, these people are generally the ones to arrive last at any given time. One of the biggest problems that society complains about is not having enough hours in a day, therefore we feel the need to manage our time to the very best of our abilities. The last thing I want to do when I'm stuck in a time crunch is having to wait, and wait, and wait on another person. It's unfair.

Are these people so self-involved that they must have all eyes turn on them when they enter the room? There's this one girl who was in lots of my classes and she was late every single class. I'm not exaggerating at all. She was late for every class. Is she so super arrogant that she craves for everyone to look at her when she comes into the classroom?

Some doctor made a list of the kinds of personalities of those who are chronically late:
1) Risk-takers: these people feel an addiction of leaving towards their destination at the last possible second and don't mind the risk of being late because they don't want to risk having to wait for other people. They also may have a fear of being rejected. (I say take risk on your own time)

2)Freedom-makers: they feel trapped by authority and being late for appointments is a way to rebel and feel free. (I say that there are far better ways to fight authority. Flaming bags of poop come to mind.)

3) Organization-slackers: they lack organizational skills and can't calculate how long it will take to do things. (I say, get a stop-watch. Problem solved!)

4) Trouble-avoiders: these people either consciously or subconsciously are late because they want to avoid people or places. Being late is a form of passive-aggressiveness therefore they want to make people wait for them because they're angry. (I say get some counseling and deal with you daddy issues cause it's my time you're wasting.)

The doctor also says that being on time is a great way to prove that you are a responsible human being and that the people you interact with are important. Agreed!

I know that there are plenty of people who are always late and don't know why. They honestly try to be on time but it just never happens. I almost feel less angry towards these people. Almost. Then there's those who are always late and don't care and just laugh it off. They pull the old, "oh you know me, always last one to arrive," like it's some big hilarious event that everyone is in on so it's no big deal. Back home everyone has the excuse of running on "Kootenay Time" which means that being an hour late is normal. Islanders seems to have a similar phenomenon called "Islander Time". Does every location have it's own time? This is something to look into I guess.

I don't really know how to close out this post because I know that nothing I say will change people or make them arrive on time more often. I guess I just want people to try to be more conscientious of the time when you're going to meet others. Our time is just as valuable.


  1. Nice rant!
    I feel exactly the same way. I find it so disrespectful, and am still annoyed when the people you KNOW are going to always be late, are late, again. I also feel terrible when I am late for something myself(as it does happen to everyone sometimes). Although, I must say if a person who is usually punctual is late once in a blue moon, then I am usually not annoyed - so you would be okay!

  2. *L* Well, because I'm a chronic late person, in the famous words of Jules, allow me to retort!

    A list of the kinds of personalities of those who are chronically punctual:

    1) Schedulers: Clinging to the comfort they felt growing up in a world where everything from brushing their teeth to story-time was scheduled, they like having their lives planned out or scheduled and hate it when things do not go according to plan or the plan changes at the last minute.

    2) Over-achievers: Obsessed with accomplishing as much as possible in time available to them, even if they have to kill themselves (or anyone who interferes) in order to do it.

    3) The Fitter-inners: Pride themselves on living by the book, doing what society tells them to do, regardless of what feels right... if they're even in touch with what feels right any more.

    4) The Worry-warts: Fear that being late makes them a lesser person, that it demonstrates a lack of consideration for others or poor self-control, therefore they do everything in their power to be punctual and feel terrible if they are not.

    In all honesty, I see both sides. I am often, but not always, late. When it really counts, I'm there on time. But I like knowing that I can show up for 6:00 dinner at my folk's place at 6:15 and they're cool with it. If I had to, of course I could make it there at 6 on the dot, but there's something about there being no pressure to be there exactly at a certain time that makes it a more pleasant, relaxed experience. Some things need to be scheduled and some things do not.

    Perhaps instead of focusing on why people are chronically late, you could try to think of some ways to better use your time when you do have to wait for someone. Take those 10 minutes to slow down and stop thinking about the day's hustle and bustle. Do some stretching or deep breathing. Be present in the moment. Observe the things that are around you... the interesting people walking by, that tree you never noticed.

    Someone being late and making you late for something else sucks. But feeling annoyed on top of that is even worse.