Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Phase 2 - Hopefully the Last

So I caught Chris's horrible cold over the weekend. It's the worst cold I've had in years and years. I tend to gloat quite a bit when it comes to getting colds because usually everyone else around me gets attacked by these awful bugs and I end up coming down with a little sniffle, but nothing too serious. Well this bug must have attacked me wearing full blown armor and swinging a sword, because I got it bad. This picture I posted is the most brilliant thing I have ever seen and I probably would have given my left leg to have one of these for the past few days. Today is the first day I feel somewhat normal, but that didn't stop me from drinking a good dose of Buckley's before I left the house.

Last night Chris informed me that they were going to be fumigating this morning again (phase 2 of bedbug extermination) and we had to bag up all of our clothes again and have everything ready for 8:30 this morning. I feel the emotional wounds from the last fumigating experience not being quite healed yet, so I was quite upset at the thought of bagging all of our fabrics all over again. BUT, this time we don't have to wash all of them so that is a HUGE relief. If he would have told me that we had to wash them again then I probably would have just burned them all and bought new clothes because frankly, I'm not doing that again. Plus getting through this cold has completely wiped out my energy stores and I don't think I could physically handle going through the bedbug experience all over again. I am happy that they are doing another round of fumigation because it means that they're serious about making sure that all of those little a-holes are wiped clean from the apartment. It's just so tiring.

Plus, we have to stay out of the apartment for about 7 hours today, which means that I am trapped here on campus for a while. It's too cold outside to walk around and slowly make my way downtown to the apartment, so I'm going to have to entertain myself somehow. School work?? Maybe. Probably not. I've done a pitiful amount of school work the past few days, why break the trend now?


  1. you sound like you could use a mom hug, things have been tough for you the last little while havent they? hope it gets better, and soon! as least you can use your neti pot!

  2. Yeah, a mom hug is always needed, but especially these days for sure. I guess I should write a little more uplifting for a while or else people are going to expect to find me hanging in a closet sometime soon. That's not funny.

    Thanks for being a loyal reader!

  3. Feb 23 will be one year since a young man that was very close to Graeme,Steph and Aly hung himself in his apt. None of us knew he was in any way sick or depressed or whatever you want to label it. There was no warning. He was just missing for a couple days, which was totally out of the norm for Matty. His friend broke went into Matty's apt and found him. A lot of people are still trying to understand why. its one of those things we never will. I enjoy your blogs, keep up the good work! hugs for you from me :)

  4. I'm sorry for your family's loss and I feel horrible for saying that. Of all the analogies to use....ugh. Thanks though for the support.

  5. nah, you dont need to apologize, we all stay stuff like that and you never expect the person you say it to to have a story like this one. no worries :)