Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Productively Unproductive

Life sucks when you're sick. It really does. For the past 2 days our little household has been nothing but upset stomachs, sore throats and snotty nasal passages. It's been gross, to say the least. I had to miss class yesterday because my guts were in such rough shape and I'm hoping that today isn't the case as well. So far so good. A little tender still, but much better than yesterday. Believe me, you don't want to know what my last 48 hours consisted of.

Poor Chris has a head-cold from hell and well...he's not the most enjoyable sick person to be in contact with. I'm pretty sure that most women in the world can agree that their man starts to evolve backwards into a baby-like pattern when sickness occurs. Chris is actually quite good in terms of that, but he's so loud when he's sick! The hacking and nose blowing and throat clearing! This is another common man thing I think. Most guys just want to get rid of all the accumulating crap as fast as possible while most women try to be slightly more dainty about being sick. I just hope this thing clears itself up quickly or else downtown Charlottetown will never get any peace and quiet.

The one good thing about being sick is that I have an excuse to be either, a) very productive because I have spare time at home to get assignments worked on, or b) highly unproductive because I have the excuse of being sick to use when I have to explain why I got zero work completed. I did a little of both yesterday. When I decided that going to class was senseless due to my GI distress, I used the morning to be really productive. I thought that since my morning at school would have been busy then my morning at home should be the same. I completed one major assignment and a part of another one. That felt good to do. A little pat on the back for me was in order. just all went downhill. I think my brain and body shut down because they were both hungry (but eating made me sick!) so I reasoned that watching multiple episodes of Breaking Bad was a reasonable suggestion to pass the time.

Tip of the Day: If you've never watched Breaking Bad, I highly suggest picking up all 3 seasons and spending an entire weekend watching. Don't even bother sleeping.

Now I have to face the growing stack of school-work growing on my desk here. My social life has been severely beaten down the past two weeks and it doesn't look like it will improve for at least 2 more. But after than then things should (should being the word of choice) slow down a bit. Here's hoping!

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