Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome! Welcome!

So today I went to the Google Analytics section of my blog and was astounded! The Analytics is this program in which I can go and look at how many people are reading this blog every day or every month, and even where in the world they are reading from. My numbers have doubled the past 2 months which is super rad and I have some regular readers from all over the world. There is someone in the UK who is checking in on me every few days and also current followers in California. Very cool! Welcome foreign readers! Welcome to my rant!

It's been brought to my recent attention that for the past month I have been using this blog as a way to express just how crappy my life has been the past month. Bedbugs, bad weather, sickness...etc... so I had better explain that things aren't horrible over here. Now that my cold is almost gone I am starting to feel more like myself again so I am able to venture out more in the community and be a bit more social. For example, last night my friend Sam threw a Waxing Party which I was very happy to be able to attend.

What is a waxing party you ask? Well, basically it's like a normal house party where a bunch of people (all girls) get together and have some drinks and chat about everything under the sun. We even somehow got to talking about politics which was a weird topic for the bunch who attended. Anyway, the main difference for this party is that while everyone else is in the living room drinking wine and beer and chatting away, there is one girl locked away in the bedroom being waxed by our friend who is a professional esthetician. My friend Sam is a wonderful esthetician and a large group of her friends have all become addicted to her services, so when her boss decided to close the place down she was working at, we were all devastated because we had no where to go for our waxing needs. And you can't go to just anyone for this kind of stuff. Sam is the best! We needed her! So after a few weeks of us girls freaking out and emailing her asking how we can get in touch with her, she decided it would be easiest to have everyone just get together and just do everyone all at once. And it was a great evening! I met some new people who are fantastic ladies and we had non-stop conversation which left us all rolling with laughter. At one point I was in agony because my cheeks hurt so much from smiling. Now I call that a successful night.

Speaking of success, I have come upon a great show that I want to share with the world. Nurse Jackie was introduced to me by my parents a couple years ago but I never watched it. I recently finished my last season of Breaking Bad and I needed a new show to watch when I want to avoid doing home work. So it's about a badass but very sympathetic nurse (played by Edie Falco, AKA Carmela from the Sopranos) who lives 2 lives and is addicted to pain killers. She has a husband and 2 kids at home but no one at the hospital she works at knows anything about her home life and they all believe her to be a single, overworked woman who has no social life at all. Oh, she's also having a secret affair with the hospitals pharmacist. Plus she's addicted to painkillers. The episodes are only 25 minutes long so it's really easy to just pop one on when I need a study break. I believe it just finished it's third season and I am almost done watching the first season. I highly recommend this show.

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