Thursday, January 20, 2011

Texting + Fountains = Genius!

There's not much in this world funnier than when people fall down. I know it sounds absolutely terrible but c'mon, you all know it's true! Someone slipping on ice losing their balance and crashing to the ground has got to be the best event for one to witness. So one might ask themselves, "how can a person falling be even more funny?"

Let me tell you!

At the gym today I was watching the news while trying with all my might to trudge through some cardio on the elliptical. They showed a fantastic video clip of a woman at a mall who fell into a fountain while texting. TEXTING! We all know my thoughts about how I think that the world has become full of 24/7 brain-washed texting zombies, so seeing this video just made my day. ENJOY!

I'm trying really hard to learn how to attach a link properly but I seem to have some kind of learning disability with it. Just copy and paste the URL. Sorry!

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