Friday, January 7, 2011

No New Bites!

I want to first say thanks for everyone being so great about my little infestation problem and for not judging me for it. Obviously because you are my friends you have to say supportive things like that and I know that secretly you will always find an excuse to avoid my apartment at all costs...but the kind words are nice to hear anyway. Second I want to send out a HUGE hug and heartfelt thanks to Sue and Jim for being amazing to us. I'd probably be crying in an alley somewhere in the fetal position if it were not for your help. Thank you!

Wednesday afternoon a professional was brought in (paid for by the landlord!)to take care of our little blood-sucking visitors. We ended up staying at Chris's parents house for both convenience and to give the apartment a little extra time to breathe and let the chemicals really get a good sink in. It's somewhat disturbing to come home to find plastic sheets on your mattress and box-spring and know that they have to stay there because disgusting bugs may bite you if they're removed. I really hope the disgust begins to wear off at some point. Putting the apartment back together after removing and washing every piece of fabric in the place was a major pain in the butt, but it was necessary to deal with the mess. It was just really nice to wake up this morning with no new bites on me. That's all I ask for in life. No new bites.

In hopes of getting past this unfortunate experience, it's time to change the subject. Today is birthday week here on PEI. I have about 5 or 6 friends all celebrating within a 4 days time. Much to celebrate! Wednesday was Jess's birthday, so in celebration a group of us gals drove out to the country to have a lovely supper at her mom's house. Good food and great company is basically the best way to spend an evening, especially when a birthday is involved. The sparklers on the cake were being a bit difficult with us but it all worked out in the end. Today is Chris's birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I feel like a really crappy girlfriend considering I have school all day and have to work tonight so I can't even make him a birthday dinner! Sounds like the family is all getting together on Sunday for the official birthday dinner which will obviously be fantastic.

Tip of the Day: A case of Alexander's Keiths you buy only moments before getting home is a perfectly acceptable birthday present.

A large group of friends is assembling at a sketchy bar tomorrow night to celebrate everyone's birthdays all at once. It should prove to be a sloppy night for most attending.

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