Sunday, January 23, 2011

MY Favourite Things (Right Now Anyway)

Before she retired from her multi-million (or billion) dollar TV show, once a year Oprah did a show called "My Favorite Things" which involved giving every single audience member new and beautiful items which Oprah deemed to be her favourite things of that year. Oh to be rich. I think we all go through times in which we have things around the house which we feel we could not live without, most of them being new things that, now that they are ours, we don't understand how we survived without them in the first place. Some things we've owned for years and years, enjoy them then forget about them and then find them again and fall in love all over again.

Here is a small list of my own personal Favourite Things list as of right now:

1) The Neti Pot. If you don't own one, go out and buy one. If you have one then you're nodding your head enthusiastically with me right now. The Neti Pot is originally from India, where they have been using it for ever and ever, and came to North America, I believe in the 70's. Basically it looks like a little tea pot which you fill it with warm water and salt solution (packaged) and stick the end in one nostril, tilt your head forwards and to the side a little and allow the water to run up into your sinus passages and out your other nostril. Yeah, it sounds disgusting but it will change your life! I bought one last year when I had this horrible sinus infection and it helped me hugely. If you have any kind of allergies then it will expel all of the crap and allergens out of your head and make you feel so much better! If you have a cold then it will clear out all that extra crap you have stuffed up in there. I've made some firm believers out of some friends of mine already and I plan to tell everyone!

2) Moroccan Oil. I less-than-affectionately call my hair Horse-Ass hair. It's thick, coarse and dull. It's not very nice to touch and it has no natural shine. I have bad hair. My temporary solution to this is Moroccan Oil, which was introduced to me by my hairdresser a few months ago. She used it when she cut my hair and I was too broke at the time to buy any for myself, but this time around I decided to buck up and just buy some because having darker hair means that the dullness is much more apparent now. I'm in love. Sure I'll never have locks that look like Demi Moore's, but it looks a whole lot better now than it did a week ago.

3) The Hand Held Blender. So many people don't even know that these things exist because they kind of went out of style when the food processor became popular. My mom always uses one so I've grown up using them quite regularly. I recently made creamy carrot soup (experiment for foods lab) and needed a blender so I asked Chris to run upstairs and ask his sister (she lives directly above us) if she had one I could borrow. Chris came back down holding her lovely hand-held blender and I was very happy to see it! Regular blenders are such a pain because they're big and bulky and messier to clean up after. These ones are so much better for things like soup. After I returned it to her I realized how much I needed to go out and buy one for myself because now I had all of these ideas to make soups which would need blending. I made a delicious split pea and ham soup the other night. Mmmm. All thanks to my trusty hand-held blender.

4) Breaking Bad. My number one excuse for not doing homework. I know I talk about it too much, but it's so good. I am sad that I am almost done the last season but thankfully they begin filming the 4th season in a few months. I guess I'm going to have to find a new scapegoat soon...

5) I feel that I can't live without this website because it is the best excuse I can think of, next to watching Breaking Bad of course, to not do homework and have a good laugh (Breaking Bad doesn't make me laugh very often). It's hilarious. Like, hilarious! You laugh so hard that you cry. Take a look. NOW!

I know you aren't expecting this...but...SURPRISE!!! To all of my loyal readers, go check your mailbox! All of these amazing items are waiting for you there!

If these items are not in your mailbox, please feel free to write an angry letter to any politician you see fit to write a letter to.

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