Monday, March 14, 2011

5 Day Recap

The island has gone back into hibernation today and I blame it on the time change yesterday and the fact that the weather dropped in temperature again. We were having lovely days with temperatures in the 5-9 degree range and people were very excited about the fast pace of the melting snow and the thought of Spring finally being on it's way. Then last night I found that I had to put a sweater on while in the apartment (which never happens) and I thought to myself, "Uh oh! What's going on?" So it's cold again. I'm not pleased but I am optimistic that it can't be winter forever because I saw a crocus coming up in the flowerbed in front of the apartment building! I am hanging on to this small bit of hope to get me through the day.

It's been a busy few days so I'd better get talking before I forget everything.

Wednesday I got my tattoo finished so it's all coloured and gorgeous. I've been talking my shirt off for everyone to show them and I'm just too excited about it to be shy. It was by far my most painful tattoo experience this time around and I'm thinking it's because I had gotten the outline only 2 weeks prior so the skin was still really sensitive. It wasn't fun to go through but the outcome was worth it. When it's done peeling I'll take some pictures and post them for the world to see :)

Thursday I worked. Nothing exciting.

Friday was busy. Chris played an acoustic show at Holland College to raise money for communication devices for children with disabilities. It was a free show for the public but there was a bake sale to raise the money so we got to eat yummy cupcakes, cookies and all the good stuff they teach us to avoid. Everything in moderation right? Chris was really nervous which made me really nervous because normally he doesn't have stage fright and I was worried he'd screw up. But he was awesome and the people seemed to enjoy him a lot. I tried to record him playing on my phone but I suck at technology and should have practiced beforehand, which means that it didn't work so I have nothing to show for my efforts.

After the show I hitched a ride to UPEI campus to participate in the Relay for Life for a couple hours. The university does the event every year from 6pm-6am in the gym and how it works is the different faculties have teams and at least one person from each team must be walking around the track at some point during the night. People bring tents, food, games and keep the night as fun and entertaining as possible. Even though I was not technically part of the FANS team, I wanted to go and participate with them a little and let them know that I think what they were doing was awesome. I had to work at 7:30am the next morning so I couldn't stay the whole night, but I walked and played for 2 hours which was fun. By the time I got there at 8 o'clock the Nutrition team had already won Most Spirited Team so I was very proud of them. Good job ladies!

After the Relay I hopped on the bus and headed back downtown to go out with Chris and his friends. It was a late night.

Tip of the Day: If you haven't tried the new Alexander Keith's Tartan Ale, I highly recommend it. Beware though, it's stronger than the original (6.1%).

The weekend was a write-off. I worked 8 hour days on both Saturday and Sunday and had to write a research paper over the weekend as well, but I did get to have dinner with Chris's parents on Saturday night which is always enjoyable.

Now it's Monday morning again. Lookout I come.

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