Monday, March 28, 2011

Car Accidents and Catnapping

Today is my last Monday of my university life. It's a strange concept to wrap my brain around. The last time I will have to go to a class at UPEI on a Monday morning. It will be even stranger on Friday when I have my last class ever! EVER! The fact that I got up for my 8:30am class in which we did absolutely nothing other than try to figure out answers to a question which is actually quite easy but we're all so concerned with missing the "big picture" and looking dumb in front of the professor that we over-think the whole thing and end up not actually doing the question at all, was a big waste of time and gave me comfort knowing that it was the last Monday I will ever have to do that. Yippeee!

I went to the gym after class and I think I yawned more times than I did reps. Yeah, it was one of those gym days. Normally I like to work out by myself but today it would have been great to have someone there to motivate me to kick it up and not slack off. I would love to have the money to have a personal trainer to scream in my ear and bring me to the brink of tears to get me to squeeze out those extra 10 sit-ups. Maybe someday I'll be so lucky.

On my way home from school I was driving down the highway, in my own little world (actually I was singing "Roxanne" very loudly with the radio) when the car directly in front of me got smashed into by another car on the passenger side front door. At first I just thought, "Holy Crap! That sucks!" and I sat there waiting for them to move off of the road. Then as I drove away I started thinking about how if I had driven a tiny bit faster, just 5 seconds faster, that blue Chevy would have smashed into me and not the poor Honda ahead of me. That kind of stuff is crazy to think about. When I was looking for my keys earlier, if I had not fumbled with them when I took them out of my backpack, I would have been on the road just a tiny bit sooner that I was. It's the little things that change the outcome of our day and sometimes it's having to witness another car get t-boned to remind you just how little control we have over everything.

On another note, I honestly contemplated cat-napping a random cat today. I am not a cat person. They are nice to keep your lap warm from time to time and they keep the house pest-free which is awesome, but basically I have no desire to get a cat. But today I was driving home and saw this orange tabby that looked identical to my old cat Cheesie who died when I was in high school. Now I have never seen a cat that looks this similar to him ever in my life and I did a double take when I saw it. After I parked the car and started walking to the apartment, I saw the cat again sitting on the side of the road, just watching me. I stopped and looked at it for a minute and it showed no fear or anything towards me. It was actually rather indifferent to me which was also another trait of Cheesie that made him special. He was laid back, avoided most people and only came around when it suited him - like to eat or get a little affection. But he loved me and let me do anything I wanted to him which will forever give him a special place in my heart. So I looked at this Cheesie look-a-like and thought about how easy it would have been to just pick him up and walk him home.

But then I thought about litter boxes and my rational thought process kicked back in. Gross.

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