Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pocket-Free Days Are Here Again!

Today is a good day and the main reason for this is the sunshine! The weather has been decent lately but it's been really windy which takes away from the sun; however but today it is warm, sunny and not windy. I had to do a few errands around town this morning and I took the long way for every single one of them. Going three blocks out of my way was just not an issue. It felt so good to walk around randomly, greeting strangers and petting dogs who seemed as equally happy as I was to be out of the house and strolling around in the Spring weather. I think what made the weather today the best day thus far this year is that I was able to walk around wearing only a t-shirt under my light coat and did not have to keep my hands shoved into my pockets to keep them warm. It all comes down to whether or not the hands can be free from the coat to determine the overall loveliness of the day.

In about an hour I'm going to head to campus to listen to some classmates present their honours thesis and defense. I know they'll do great because they're both super smart girls and I have no doubt that they will know their stuff inside and out. I'm interested to hear what they've been working on for the past 6 months and it may give me some insight of what I have to look forward to if I apply for a Master's degree next year.

Chris is playing at The Alibi tonight which will be an excellent way to avoid school work for the evening. He has a bunch of shows planned for the next few weeks and this may be the only night I will be able to go see him perform because of final exams coming up. Plus my 8:30am class tomorrow got cancelled so I have no reason to have to get up really early. Horray for sleeping past 7am! Ten bucks says I'll be awake at that time anyway. Damn internal clock messing with my laziness.

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