Friday, March 25, 2011

Short Stories

Today's blog post is a combination of little stories of events that have happened the past week. Here we go!

Even though I may not be living in BC at the moment, there are some exciting events happening over in my home-province that I would like to announce. The first one is that my sister Pam finally sold her house! She put it up for sale last summer when Chris and I were there and she has had not much luck at all with buyers. A few nibbles but nothing substantial. Then out of the blue, she gets an offer and BAM! SOLD! (well, almost...just a few little kinks to work out like an inspection and banking business). I remember when she bought that house. It is an old house that needed a lot of work done to make it habitable. They put tons of work into it and made it the adorable little house it is today. I remember the first time I walked into it, I had this strange familiar feeling come over me and I instantly liked it. I am sad that she sold it but happy that she is happy. One less thing for her to worry about and one less mortgage to deal with.

Home story #2 is somewhat related to the first one. My heterolifeparnter and her husband bought a house in the neighbourhood that I am from which means that they will be living down the street from my mom and dad! This means that when I come to visit then they will be just a hop, skip and jump away! This means we can sit out on her deck and drink beers and I don't have to worry about driving home afterward :)

Home story #3 is a bit pat on the back to my niece Cadance who is FINALLY potty trained. It's been a long time coming, but I knew it would happen eventually. Now my mom will get to take some pictures of her sitting on the toilet (like she did with all of us) and embarrass her with them when she's a teenager (like she did with us). I can just see Cadance when she's 15, "Oh Nana! Put those away!" Potty-training=Big Effing Deal!

Wednesday night I finally got to eat at The Pilothouse with Jess and some of her friends. I've been wanting to eat there since I came to Charlottetown but it never happened. Whenever I would go it would always be booked up for the night so it's become this running joke of how we need to make reservations to get in three years from now next Thursday. Anyway, we took a chance and even though we did have to wait a little while, we got in. And it was very yummy.

Yesterday I got my hair cut and coloured at a new place by a new girl and it looks quite lovely. I went a different shade of red this time which is more plummy coloured and it's kind of rad looking. So today I was at the gym and as it happens sometimes, I began to sweat. Unfortunately I had not washed my hair since it was done yesterday afternoon so the sweat coming from my temples began to run red down the side of my face in long streaks. It took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on and the girl at the front desk laughed as I bolted for the bathroom to wash my face and neck off. The worst part of this all is that now people know I'm not a natural red-head. Damn.

Oh what a life I lead sometimes.

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