Saturday, March 26, 2011

Getting Old = Noooooo!

You know what sucks? Getting old. Yes, I am aware that I am not "old" but I am getting "older" and getting older sucks.

It's the little things that remind me that I am getting older every year, like heartburn. I never got heartburn until about a year ago and it's the foods that I used to be proud of being able to eat are what are killing me! Yesterday I made Tabouleh which is a food I love love love because it is chock-full of garlic and green onions which are high on my favourite foods list. Mmmmm. But yesterday after I ate it I had such heartburn that it made me feel wimpy and weak. Me? Heartburn? No...couldn't be. I used to be able to eat a handful of jalapeno peppers on my salads when I got them from Subway (no joke) and amaze my fellow feeders by not keeling over in a heat overload. Now a little bowl of garlicky salad leaves me reaching for the Tums.

I fear what food will dominate me next. Please let it not be peanut butter.

I've been asking people lately if they'd still love me if I got Botox. They laughed at me like I'm a moron for even asking. I'm not sure if they meant that I was a moron for questioning their love or if that I was a moron for thinking I need Botox. I think they weren't taking me seriously enough. That's another thing that sucks about getting old. People tend to not take you as seriously as they once did. Maybe they will when I lose all facial expressions for a couple months.

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